Sociologists wonder and teach us, saying, "why do not you such reasonable? Native language – is the one you are talking to children, not the one who uttered your ancestors. " But we, Ruthenians (Ukrainians modern Slavic origin), could not accept this "truth" because it's pointless really, although temporary, usurious. No matter where born Slav, the native land he would have one. And a mother – one, and children – are alone and language – one. But something happens to us when we are asked about their native faith. Most Slavs thoroughly pondered before you answer this question.

Why? Yes, actually, because even on a subconscious level we do not perceive hristosianstvo (Christianity) the native faith. Somewhere at the genetic level, entrenched memories of what a lot of blood allegedly hristosianstvo in Russia, Ukraine, and then throughout the eastern Slavyanschine. "If someone fails to appear tomorrow on the river – rich or poor, or elder, or a filthy peasant, – the me that the enemy will be." Prince of Kiev Volodymyr Svyatoslavovych Chronicle Ruska, 6496 (988) was therefore to answer and put an end to the issue of Native Faith, defined with the fact that, strictly, is a native. The adjective "native" is associated with the noun "race". Rod also called a vital and spiritually akin to a community of people. And, therefore, the native land – a land with which you related by blood, and spiritually. His own mother – it is the mother who gave birth and swaddled (blood and spirit).

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European Football Championship

Oh, what lepota! We will always show clips of synchronized swimming! UEFA European Football Championship-2008 Attention, attention! European Championship is in danger! Over the Russian national team in danger of gas attack. Fans and earlier noticed that players that something is not right. The Dutch are going to arrange a gas attack on our team. Yes, no one knows whence comes trouble! .. *** See how the Swedish fans are preparing for the match. The Swedes have always been the enemy in our history. Although Alexander Nevsky their once broken, then Peter I had to again arrange them flying at Poltava, in spite of the passage of Hetman Mazepa on the side of Charles XII … Ibrahimovic – he is a former karate, he's a kick in the head Ignashevich hit …

Watch as Ibrahimovic jumps! He leaps tall I could do … *** (in frames of Russian fans waved the Russian flag Dutch sea of orange among the fans) Surrounded by strangers, our fans alone fan waving our trekolorom. To stand among the dispirited and angry Dutch, and in front of their nose, so throw up your joy in my mouth my feet – this is courage! It's dangerous! Can now wrest the flag stick and for other purposes. "Not the hero, who thinks about the consequences "- said Imam Shamil. How he got there at all?! Maybe he slipped a ticket? But he sat and waited. Maybe when the score was 1-1, he has endured. With the score 2-0 – gently waved. But when Arshavin scored the third goal, stalingradets broke the chain of command and gave vent to his feelings.

My friend Chechen would have said: "I would have given him a plot!". The mayor of Volgograd (the Russian flag was the inscription – Volgograd) to find this fan. His ancestors had raised the banner of victory over Stalingrad! And he raised the banner of Volgograd over Europe! Plot it! Let next to the garden will Mamaev Kurgan, who is digging the great Russian fan. *** Russia – Ukraine – 3:1! We won! It is urgent to call Zurab Tsereteli, is that the arrival of our team was ready to back a huge monument!

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To make the vodka, and seethe to crush grain or potatoes. Then there are added yeast. Starts the fermentation process. After some time the brew is obtained, which was loaded into the distillation column, where After numerous processes of evaporation and condensation is obtained purified from impurities and fusel oil alcohol. The resulting alcohol is diluted with purified water to 40-50 degrees, and then filtered through activated charcoal.

Vodka ready. But also distinguish different varieties of vodka, so adding the different components of different taste qualities. In Russia there are many different methods of purification of crude alcohol, as well as the finished vodka. All of them were divided into mechanical and biological. Subsequently, the basic method was filtering vodka through activated charcoal. Together with the purification methods used in Russia to improve the organoleptic quality vodka drink. So, to gain strength and taste of vodka used different hops and wild grasses. Then he started adding different fruit juices, which led to the creation of different flavored vodkas, cordials and liqueurs.

Water that is used to make vodka, is the main difference from its foreign counterparts. Only in Russia it is not exposed to boiling or distillation, which gives it a unique taste, transparency and smell. Water is always subjected to additional treatment: sedimentation, filtration through sand, aeration. Since ancient times, as the main raw material for vodka is rye. But there were times when vodka preparing for beets and even potatoes, which of course did not improve its quality. Now not only used rye, sometimes you can meet and wheat varieties of vodka. The taste of vodka and then affects how alcohol was used during its preparation. In the production of vodka used rectified spirit varieties and luxury extras, the highest purification. For some varieties of vodka using a triple distilled spirit.

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Klitschko WBO Years

Vladimir has 31 years, now he is on his peak, and it is difficult to guess how long he can maintain good form. However, during this period Ukrainian rivals no hope – none of them have no chance to defeat Klitschko. Old legends, such as Mike Tyson, recently said on his return to boxing, also had no chance to compete with the young leaders. Perhaps in the coming year and a half or two will be a question – who would be the best heavyweight in the world? It is obvious that the place would take Klitschko's younger boxer ready to fight a Ukrainian in a few years. Current competitors Klitschko close to him in age, will gradually leave the boxing arena. Therefore, such men as Nikolai Valuev, John Ruiz, Shannon Briggs, Oleg Maskaev and the other, being already in top form, or leaving it behind have little chance to earn the title of best in the division.

The forecast for the next fight with Klitschko WBO belt holder Sultan Ibragimov analyst speaks categorically – Russian Ukrainians as inferior to the growth and impact strength, and experience, so the chances of winning are close to zero. Let's try to look at the major avenues (Young talent) that can compete with Klitschko in the coming years. All of them are destined to two or three years to reach peak form and to join the fight, both among themselves and with veterans of the heavy weight. WBA champion Ruslan Chagaev despite the fact that the younger Klitschko in two years, gives a Ukrainian in physical parameters.

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Nikolai Valuev Russian

The good news brought boxing heavyweight champion Nikolai Valuev Russian fans. Nikolai Valuev won a convincing victory over Belarus boxer Sergei Lyakhovich, leaving the latter a chance. Valuev demonstrated a rapid high-boxing in the best traditions of Soviet amateur school. Not all experts were confident of victory Nikolay Valuev. The main fact, which causes doubts of experts – rather Valuev boxer slow, sluggish boat moving around the ring. Lyakhovich also won the respect of the audience after defeating Leymonom Brewster – athlete, long considered the best among American professional boxer. However, after a battle with Ljahovichem hardly any of the experts would be so underestimate Valuev. Valuev was able to prove that the doubts of experts in its superiority is groundless.

Valuev won all the rounds in a fight, and that reflected in the judge's notes: two referees put 120 -108, and an even 120 – 107 in favor of Valuev. Nikolai Valuev in the ring came well prepared. Russians immediately set full control over the fight and lost his until the end. In Liakhovich received nothing, neither evade attacks Valuev, no successful counter-attack. Now Nikolai Valuev has the right to a rematch with Ruslan Chagaev. Recall that last year gave Valuev Uzbek boxer on glasses with a rather large gap.

Valuev looked at the ring-date – it was evident from its fast shocks, greater than normal movement of the ring. The new coach of the Russian boxer Alexander Zimin, well prepared by the ward. Valuev trained in the best traditions of the Soviet school of boxing, which is practiced at that time the best section and boxing club. If Valuev can continue to progress at the same pace, then Ruslan Chagaev will have difficult in a rematch. At least to operate successfully on the counter, as he had in the first fight against Valuev, the Uzbek boxer did not happen. Valuev markedly accelerated and finally learned to keep opponents at a distance. If Valuev will also operate successfully and in a fight with Chagaev, the Russian giant then there are all chances to become the undisputed world champion in professional boxing.

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Russian Names

Surname Klimov 50% of cases is of Russian origin, 10% – Belarus, 5% – Ukrainian, 5% of the cases is from the Bulgarian and Serbian languages, and 30% came from the languages of Russia (Tatar, Mordvin, Bashkir, Buryat, etc.). Full form of the name Clement consumed rarely, most often used diminutive form Klim and Clement, but there were also independent name Clim. Names are derived from the name, nickname, occupation or residence distant human ancestor through the male line. Klimov surname derived from the canonical male personal church baptismal name of Clement, which in Latin means "merciful", and in Greek – "Grapevine." Full form of the name Clement consumed rarely, most often used diminutive form Klim and Clement, but there were also independent name Clim. Names are derived from the name, nickname, kind of employment or residence distant human ancestor through the male line. Klimov surname derived from the canonical male personal church baptismal name of Clement, which in Latin means "merciful", and in Greek – "Grapevine."

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