Wings Of The Freedom

I am a wounded bird. I got used to fly high Without route without destination I learned to be independent derrepente I am not more nothing I feel myself sad I feel myself weak I have wing and I cannot fly I was quetinha looking at for the sky Knowing that my life Never more would be same Until derrepente me appeared an idea the Half insane person, mazoquista perhaps But that returned the hope Beat to my well strong wing With all the force to me that inside remained of me My body already was bathed in blood a pain insuportavel But nor thus I gave up Derrepente I eat that for a miracle to reerguer I obtained me, I flied well high well far to contain I did not obtain me of as much Derrepente happiness I was falling already I did not have forces. I killed my homesickness and I died in a few seconds..

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Poetry About Freedom

Light and untied free flight as a bird to flies, aaa. I have Freedom I follow justice and the truth. My dreams all I want to complete, Therefore the Life consists of dreams, to fly and to be Happy, If one day I to leave and will be able to come back, In bird form wants to be. The Happiness and the brotherhood of the life is the conquest of a new life Full of joy 2 X Flight of the Freedom, flight of the homesickness of the beautiful Moments that already was transferred plus all dumb, But the past return the will I come back, my flight I consecrate, the flight of made to the Freedom to remember me homesickness. However, I will follow I will not give up. Whatever it costs I will pay.

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John Locke is considered a theoretician of the second English liberal Revolution that locked up in 1689. with an agreement between the monarchy and the aristocracy, of a side, and the bourgeoisie of another one, giving origin to the sprouting of the State established in the rights of the parliament. It understood that the man in natural state is fully free, but feels the necessity to place limits to its proper freedom. – Which the purpose to restrict freedom? – to guarantee its property For J. Locke, the natural state (absence of a State) does not guarantee the property; soon, she is necessary to create a State that assures the mercantile relations and the fulfilment of contracts. Locke establishes a narrow relation between ‘ ‘ propriedade’ ‘ ‘ ‘ liberdade’ ‘ , that they must be guaranteed by the State, mainly the freedom of economic initiative. This is a typically individualistic conception, in the direction of that the individual would preexist to the State, that the people would leave of a natural condition as untied individuals. Marx if opposes to this conception, understanding, in contrast, that the man is a social being and alone man in the measure becomes where lives and works in society; the man in the natural state would be one animal, a being located in an individualistic, proper vision of the bourgeois conception. HOBES AND LOCKE > the individual existed before the society human being and this would be born for ‘ ‘ contrato’ ‘ between preexisting individuals; this conception it discloses that each person is an isolated individual in relation to the others, without conscience of the social character of the relations economic politics and. LOCKE > the State is sovereign, but its sovereignty has origin in the contract makes that it to be born; another source does not receive sovereignty from none, much less of the power the holy ghost, as the philosophers understood Socrates. In addition many Ideas about freedom can be learned from the Old Testament.

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Al Qaeda

The Libyan answers for about 2% of the world-wide production, but it is one of the main oil suppliers of the Europe. The reasoning is logical: little oil in circulation (today the production already fell 4 times) + speculation and distrust of the future = high of the prices of the oil. Problem! Independent of who it gains this conflict, a thing is certain: the Libyan people goes to lose. Of a side, powers economic wanting a steady, independent government of who it is; of the other side, a dictator who already lost the notion of the reality and could imitate Luis XIV saying ‘ ‘ the State I am eu’ ‘. Worse E, in the way of this smoke is people who are being called for the press for ‘ ‘ rebels’ ‘ , but that far from being the solution for the problems of the Libyan, they can very repeat occurred histories in the Afghanistan and Iraq well. The Libyan is a forged State (all good, which is not), being composed for about 140 tribes. Gaddafi always represented some of them and got the antipathy of others. The problem in this country passes before for this question what a supposed one (that papo pierced) ‘ ‘ fight for democracy’ ‘.

It never had national cohesion in the Libyan and we are far from finding it. Between ‘ ‘ rebels’ ‘ , two distinct and dominant groups exist the least. One of them is composed for the partisans of the Senussi dynasty, removed real family of the power for the military blow that placed Gaddafi to the power. The dream of the allied powers it is that the power falls at the hands of this group, since they possess a well open vision to the occidental interests. However, this film to gain suspense contours, the other dominant group is composed for old Islamic guerrillas who had fought in Iraq and the Afghanistan. By the way, the American government already had admitted, in 2007, that 20% of the anti-American combatants in the war of Iraq were of the east of the Libyan (region now taken by the rebels). Already stories exist that members of the Al Qaeda had been enlisted by the Libyan rebels. It seemed trick, but the phrase of Gaddafi, of that it was white of the imperialism American north and of conspiracies of Osama Bin Laden, who sounded ridicule has some days seems that he starts to make some direction. If Gaddafi heard certainly Nelson Rubens would take pra itself its famous pilgrim’s staff: ‘ ‘ I exaggerate, but I do not invent lies! ‘ ‘.

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Algerian Political Issues

The Algerian ministry of the Foreign affairs was cautious when it said in a cautious form: ‘ ‘ It seems that the attack was the work of a terrorist group.’ ‘ The movement of the Front of Polisrio that it intends to separate of Morocco and to create an independent country the Saara Occidental person, does not have doubt, of what each time more is contradicted in detriment of an other people’s force. The triple kidnapping of the night of Saturday for Sunday in the southwest of Algeria, place where Al Qaeda in Magrebe Islmico is forged (AQMI), the seita African north of the terrorist organization. The Algerian State, that receives the fields in its territory, must assume its responsibility ahead of the degradante situation each time more in the fields of Tindouf, there none it fulfills the law nor it accepts orders politics, because one ‘ ‘ group terrorista’ ‘ it can be supported as much time, asset and acts to dilute the climate of peace and negotiations that involve Morocco and Saraninaos on the future of sara occidental person. Brahim Ghali, as representative of this group separatista in Algeria, it accuses directly Al Qaeda in Magrebe of the kidnapping of these three foreigners, where the Front of the Polisario if he involves without respito nor to accept the law and to observe the human rights manipulated by other people’s ideology. The Algerian Ministry of the Foreign affairses was, through its spokesman, To love Belani, acted a little more cautious when it said: ‘ ‘ Although it seems the work of a terrorist group, prefers to reserve my commentary (…) ‘ ‘ it indicated. The midnight to passed Saturday was next, certainties men on board an car type jeeps had invaded the zone of Rabuni. This is the administrative center of the intended one self-proclaimed Republic Arab Democratic Sarau (RASD), on to the Algerian city of Tindouf. they had been there until the building where they found the foreign humanitarian workers, who have been taken to an unknown place.

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Catalan Autonomous Government

Alberto Degrees 20m the vice-president of the Constitutionalist, Eugeni Gay, and the magistrates Javier Delgado and Elisa Perez explain in three letters the reasons of their resignations in the TC. " The things leave better when the Constitution is fulfilled and leave worse when not cumple" , it indicates judge Thin Javier. THE LETTERS IN PDF: Eugeni Gay Thin Javier Elisa Perez. " &quot had the sensation to comprise of a kidnapped Court;. They are words of the vice-president of the Constitutionalist, Eugeni Gay, that along with the magistrates Javier Delgado and Elisa Perez has presented/displayed its resignation to try to force the renovation of the High Court, clogged for years. The TC lives a situation without precedents now.

Gay presented/displayed its resignation in a letter signed the past Wednesday 8 of June to the president of the Constitutionalist, Paschal Room, and in her it indicates that &quot is had; contravened the Constitucin" when being delayed during as much time the renovation of the Court. " The Constitution has been incomprehensible and unacceptably reduced because of the manifest breach on the part of Senate of its inescapable obligacin" to renew the court, it indicates the magistrate. Also it remembers that still has not been fill vacancies left by Robert Bald Garci’a, deceased in May of 2008, something that " it had not happened in the 31 years of history of this Court when, lamentably, similars took place circunstancias". Still the vice-president of the Constitutionalist (Paschal Room must accept its resignation so that he is ctiva) affirms that during the mandate of its predecessor, Maria Emilia Houses, &quot often insisted; of way infructuosa" in the necessity to go to the president of the Senate and the people in charge of the PSOE and the PP " so that they gave to fulfillment to the mandate constitucional" and they would renew to the magistrates designated by the Senate. " Lamentably it did not get to become, reason why in numerous occasions you heard to me say that secuestrado&quot had the sensation to comprise of a court; , it adds Gay, that remembers that the sentence that solved the resources against the Estatut of Catalonia it dictated with the four appointed magistrates by the Senate in functions, which motivated the protests of the Catalan Autonomous Government and the Catalan Parliament. Javier Delgado and Elisa Perez In a dated brief writing in this 13 of June, the magistrate Thin Javier justifies his decision remembering that " the Constitution has established a period of nine years for the exercise of the position of Magistrate of the Constitutional Court, period this that in my case has passed already very amply, because aos&quot has not been respected the constitutional mandate of renovation by third each three parts; " I have to emphasize that the things leave better when the Constitution is fulfilled and leave worse when not cumple" , it indicates Thin. On the other hand, Elisa Perez also remembers that they have passed " more than six meses" ever since its appointment like member of the Constitutional Court expired, reason why &quot is seen; in obligacin" to present/display its resignation. Perez indicates in their letter that has taken " a decision very meditated that first of all responds to reasons institucionales" , although also it mentions " personal reasons in which it does not come entrar". Source of the news: Resignations in the Constitutionalist: " It had the sensation to be in a Court secuestrado"

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Movement 20 Of February Rejects The Constitutional Reform Raised By The King Of Morocco

They say that the new Magna Carta announced by Mohamed I SAW tries " to give to a constitutional aspect to a monarchy absoluta". They summon to a national manifestation for this Sunday. The political parties give the warm welcome him to the new Constitution. Movement 20 of February, that vindicates democratic changes in Morocco, assured ste Saturday that the new announced Magna Carta Friday by king Mohamed I SAW tries " to give to a constitutional aspect to a monarchy absoluta" and it summoned to a national manifestation for this Sunday. The activist of this youthful movement Najib Chauki assured that the new Constitution " he gives ample powers to the king in the scopes legislative, executive, of security and religioso".

Chauki explained that the monarch " it continues maintaining his powers in the project of the new Constitution that allow him for example to preside over some institutions or to appoint and to dismiss the high different people in charge who belong to poderes". In addition, Chauki criticized that the king can dissolve the Parliament, something that considered like one " intervention in the scope legislativo". The activist concluded that its movement rejects " a Constitution otorgada" and &quot vindicated the Magna Carta; democratic, in form and content, that a parliamentary monarchy establishes clara". On the other hand, the activist of the same movement Munaim Musaui explained that " the majority of the new competitions of the president of the Government is not true but formal because, according to the new Magna Carta, it is forced to consult to the king before ejecutarlas". The project of Constitution, that will have to be approved in rrndum next the 1 of July, transfers part of the competitions from the king to the Government and the Parliament and recognizes the officiality of the language to bereber. Nevertheless, Mohamed I SAW will continue being the commander in j of the Army and the maximum religious authority of the country.

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French Constitution

It is born with the proper person, are basic for if finding foreseen in the constitucional law and made solid from the beginning of the dignity of the person human being. In the antiquity the form of arbitrary, absolute and theocratic State was not said in constitutionalism, leading in account absolute in power exerted by detainers of the power where if it established legitimation spiritual, moral and ethics of the authority. The great influence for the Constitutionalism was to positivar the limitation of the power politician. Already in the Average Age this power was endowed with principles, little used in view of that a legitimated institution did not exist to control it and to guarantee to the citizen respect to the laws that was not a diploma written and yes based in the natural law and the customs, if governing of that time disregarded the Law would be disregarding the orders of God. Ahead of the renascentistas ideas of centuries XVII and XVIII, the modern Constitutionalism must to the English, had the Great Letter, the Petition of Rights, Bill of Rights.

In the United States they appear the Declaration of Virginia and North American Declarao. Already in France the reference is the Declaration of the Rights of the Man and the Citizen immediately afterwards the French Constitution appears. With regard to these transformations, the Constitutionalism of the Liberal State made to be born a constitutional abstract, but with the Iluministas ideas we arrive at the rationalization of the power providing a diffusion of the formal Constitutionalism..

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International Classification

Diverse countries, between them Brazil, if find in a challenge to the same solve the deriving conflicts of this union between people of sex. The legislators who had passed much time closing the eyes for this ' ' new fato' ' , now debtors see themselves to skirt a situation easily reverted by other countries. The homosexual if shows with a new definition, losing the conferred repressive character to the minorities, and through studies deepened the areas of psychology and psychiatry she transfers herself to better understand the definition to it of the homossexualidade. In 1995, the last revision of the International Classification of Illnesses – CID, the homossexualismo, that was considered for many as an illness, left to consist in the list of the disgnostic, took off the suffix ismo and placed dade that it defines as way of being. 06 the unions between people of the same sex if bases on reciprocal relations of affection as main element of union between them, similar to the ones of the composed family for a man and a woman. This type of union is trend adopted in all the countries that, as Brazil, meet waiting regulation for the convivncias between people of sex the same, following the steps of the liberal countries, as Denmark, France, Holland, Norway, among others.

07 In Brazil, the Federal Constitution of 1988, protects the family and the familiar entity, recognizing them as union between people of different sexos, still treating as base to the society. It is it are of cogitao to have a comparison between happened families of the marriage and of steady unions with the partnerships homosexuals. One only amends constitutional it could deal with the comparison enters such justinian codes protected for the constitution with the homosexual partnership. The fact is that how much to the family law if cannot say of comparison some with relations homosexuals, but in relation the effect

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Society Participation

Walnut goes to affirm, that these two forms of participation, goes to be much more in tune with the proletariat and with the popular layers of what with the bourgeoisie. The author inserts them in a dimension daily pay? politics, but not irrelevant or inferior, therefore these would serve of mold for the associativismo? participativo model beyond horizontes corporative? that it would advance of meeting to the models inserted politicians-participativos in the State. The third type, would be the electoral participation, that if projects in the field politician. It is a participativo model, where the citizen supposedly would be not ripened, affirming not only in relation proper itself, but also in relation to all the collective. It weaves a critical one to this type of participation, for limiting the envolvement of the citizen, and for many times to cause frustrations that could result in despolitizao.

the last great group, would be the participation politics, that would serve of complement, however surpassing in importance collective in such a way the electoral participation how much the corporative one. According to Walnut, For intermediary of the participation politics, individuals and groups they intervene to make with that differences and interests if explicitem in a common land organized by laws and institutions, as well as making with that the power if democratizes and either shared. this participation, in short, that it consolidates, protects and dinamiza the citizenship and all varied the right human beings. Exactly therefore, its protagonists central offices are the citizens. (Walnut, 2004, P. 133) and under this perspective, we will make the boarding of the representation of the CMDCA while instance that if considers connector link between the State and the Society. 1. The 1 popular participation institutionalized through the Advice the explicit Federal Constitution the basic paper of the citizenship in the conduction of the State; the society is instigated to participate of the formularization of the public politics.

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