The Freedom Of The Word

Made 28:17 came to pass that three days later, Pablo summoned principals of the Jews, to whom, then that they were gathered, said: I, male brothers, having not done anything against the people, or customs of our fathers, have been delivered prisoner from Jerusalem into the hands of the Romans; 18 which, having reviewed, I wanted to release, for not having no cause of death in me. 19 But opposed to the Jews, I was compelled to appeal to Caesar; not because it is what accuse my nation. 20 As well for this cause have I called to see you and speak with you; because by the hope of Israel I am subject with this string. 21 Then they said to him: we have neither received Judean letters about it, nor has been one of the brothers who have denounced or spoken any evil of you. 22 But we would like to hear from you what you think; because of this sect is notorious everywhere spoken against it.

23 And having you pointed out one day, came to him many at the Inn, which declared them and He testified les God’s Kingdom from the morning until the afternoon, persuading them about Jesus, both by the law of Moses as prophets. 24 And some asentian to what was said, but others did not believe. 25 And as they were not agreed among themselves, upon retiring, Paul said les this word: well spake the Holy Spirit through Isaiah the Prophet unto our fathers, saying: 26 go to this people, and tell them: hearing ye shall hear, and do not understand; And seeing ye shall see, and not little; 27 Because the heart of this people has swelled, and with ears they heard heavily, and his eyes have been closed, so do not see with their eyes, and hear with ears, and heart, to understand and become, and I heal them.

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Communism Democracy

Communism looks for which all have the same things because he believed that all are equal, but makes us look so vulnerable then looking homogenize everything so that no one becomes damage and it used paternalism which then becomes able to o stepfather obtaining his whims and that others should be thankful for their protection in consequence of centralized power exercise by the monarchies and that as a resultfreedom of citizenship was raped up to become slaves, this has resulted in the emergence of democracy where the vos of the people should be heard to meet their demands through a representation that discussed the Affairs of the people in the plaza of the helenios. In America Latin influence of equality that makes independent men and who have pleased to satisfy his own will that motivated the refusal of the authorities and an assessment of political freedom. The American has a great love for its independence, but this passion can bring you some negative aspects, if deemed as individualism this can cause you record problems in the order of the social body, thus causing anarchy or servitude, trend in which men are left drag without realizing account. The man the more independent is, more weak is made, behold, the sense of belonging that invades for wanting to be part of a society where the first rule of that agreement is mutual respect. Based on the premise that men are equal, someone feel an obligation to help another? Or expect something from someone? Independence becomes a double-edged weapon, on the one hand his pride of being independent and on the other hand the anguish for not having the support of anyone because now there is no superior or inferior to that in economics would say that advantage or competitive disadvantage or much less opportunity cost there is no all are equal.

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Searching for Freedom

I only search the freedom, a way to feel me free, to be able to breathe to make everything without worrying me about nothing. But the fondness beyond takes in them to one where never we imagine to leave ' ' In the deep one what we want it is alone to search our peace. I want to be able to look at stops backwards and seeing the things good that I made, and to be able to learn with my errors, that for signal are many but they had always made that me to evolve. But which is the way for everything this? To open the arms and to say that we are free, we are happy? Which the secret of the true interior peace? to *Sorrir they say that it is better remedy, says then me because the people live crying to the one instead of smiling? The only certainty that I have is always to give value in the true friendships, therefore they can be the only remedy for all this monotony, called life! (Jhow).

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Another Way Organic Positioning

Hello Friend reader, today I want to ask you a question. Today’s article refers to how to generate a wealthy web traffic, or put another way, traffic and web optimization. The truth is that it was not easy to find a solution to so many calls from friends asking shouts to be aided by me. But finally I found the right way already had two days working on the solution to important application, most of all by being requested by many people, friends. About 300 people, asked me to help you position your business on internet, which currently have fitness, I mean face-to-face type in place of residence. Over 1600 friends tell me that they are distributors of products and want you to orient them to put your business on the internet and enable it virtually. Many others, who have your business, profession or occupation: carpenters, plumbers, bricklayers, butchers, restaurateurs, owners of salons of party, bars, also doctors, engineers, graduates, teachers, deputies, among many others ask me to say as be visible on the internet professionally first comment them that they can have a page, let’s say that your profile on the internet via social networks, many of them already have their place in the web 2.0 (social networks as they are, FaceBook, MySpace, Youtube among others but classroom, is not only that logically.)

I agree with them, you also? And what happens is very simple they are seeking to generate a large list of prospects or potential customers in that environment and it is that the web 2.0 or social networks are targeted and designed with the purpose of bringing together people in different groups by language, geographical areas, customs, religion, politics, leisure, etc, etc. And this for what purpose? It is a very good question people who have created this strategy commonly known as social networking and Nostradamus by scholars in the field of internet and web 2.0 were focused on creating a system of communication via internet, allowing Internet users to find or meet easily with other people, do make friend and in many cases, couples, marriages and other links or viral chains between small pages calls profile, blog, etc, in a platform dedicated just for this purpose but why and for what? Is that the idea of creating these large communities eye! Here I want to be as consistent as possible my dear friend, we have created stunning social networks and we continue to create them for free without taking into account, that in fact represent millions of dollars lol, millions, excuse me, I’m talking about trillions, b, good, now yes, trillions of dollars that earn the owners of these huge communities. And you know how? They are earning billions of dollars because as we are many, thousands, millions of people who every day we went and we connect, we communicate through these networks, say makes it possible that large companies, industries or business put their eyes on them in order to promote their products or services. Here are the most important part of the popular communities or social networks.

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Prime Minister

Paradoxically, a remarkable and dramatic increase in regards to participation in the Parliament and Government of the layers of military retirement and senior officials graduating from different security services was visualized. Without a doubt, the war of the six days of the year 1967 and its influence on the image of the military before the public layer determined a turning point of a trend that is invigorated with the years until reaching a record with the Parliament and Government, which completed its mandate in these days. In the forty years that alienate the war of the six days of the last Parliament, the number of their members with a degree of General and hierarchs of retired security services went from 4 to 14. In the Government, in the same period, their participation grew from 3 to 10. It is worth mentioning that while changes in both fields of action were similar in magnitude, in regards to the specific weight there is a big difference. While in Parliament at its peak (2006-2008) only arrived representing not more than 12%, in the framework of the most important decisions, the Government its specific weight arrived at almost 40% in the same period. Another demonstration that highlights the growing trend in Israel retire from the army and continue in the political race emerges from analysis of the behavior of the commanders in Chief of the army since the creation of the State these days. Of the 18 army commanders removed since the creation of the State to date, 11 (61%) were devoted to politics with his retirement.

Only 2 of them until the year 1973 and the rest later. Another aspect, and such time of greater meaning, emerges with the increasing participation of the different active representatives of the army and the security services in cabinet meetings. Unlike the stage of Ben Gurion as Prime Minister, the last Government as an example of the tendency of all past cabinets of if composed of a wide layer of retired military, fostered a growing participation of active military and hierarchs in functions of the various security services.

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My Dignity Is First

The vote is apparently one of the few irrevocable rights that remain in the country, despite the propaganda of a better rule of law and the change in the political and legal system in the nation by the Federal Government, today, we realize that the systems, strategies and Government’s plans are a vile of the old regime copy, while they were led to believe that with the change of Government would come a change in the system, this unfortunately does not step, things remain equal or worse that earlier, long-awaited change was never seen, discontent grows day by day and the worst thing is that the international community if you notice notable defects within the Mexican system of Government. While the Government from the inside is unable to correct their mistakes or even make the attempt, they live with a band in the eyes, and try to put it to the people also. The vote does not mean give the win any individual to assume the Executive or legislative power of any region, it is something much deeper than that, means legitimacy to govern, While the Government does not realize that even you had the majority of votes, it will be unable to govern his people as it should, since if that majority of the votes does not represent the majority of the population, that certainly is not the same and anyone with half a brain can notice it, it will be impossible to represent the people in governmental and political strata which is what democracy was originally created. People have noticed this garrafal difference, you know that no matter the rulers have the majority of the population supporting them, the antics of politics and personal interests so easily achievable from a governmental bureaucratic post are interested only. The reality is that on rare occasion the representative knows what people need or prompts, or you know it becomes blind eye if it interferes with their personal interests; There is no point voting for a person who does not listen to the people, literally we are helping us to dig our own grave, giving power to those less indicated only because those are the ones available in the ballots, this is the same as if you say that we are voting for the least worst, which is a slap in the face to our dignity; the Mexican people is famous for not fighting for their rights since the times of the conquest and obviously the problem is in our blood, the intellectual and economic difference between the ruling classes and the marginalized people representing a majority emphasizes this fact and makes it possible for leaders to take advantage of the less graceful.

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