Credit Interest

The advantages of using credit when it comes to shopping cards are many. However, to obtain the greatest usufruct of all their benefits and not get unpleasant surprises, should take into account the following tips: 1. pay attention to notifications from your credit card company. Over time, it may happen that they have changed their interest rates, as well as it is also common that decrease, increase, or deletion the number of contributions without interest on financing of some products that you buy to pay. 2. Get a quick glimpse of your economic possibilities before making a purchase with a credit card especially if you’re on vacation! Be aware of your limitations and save future worries when it comes to paying the balance of the month. 3 Verifies the account summary, since banks and credit institutions sometimes make mistakes that are reflected in the summaries of payment do not want to pay for something that you not bought or already finished paying! 4 Controls the validity of your credit card, with the purpose that not reject you it in any shop and passes an embarrassing moment. 5 Avoid using many credit cards, so do not lose control of the costs that you are incurring.

6 Considers the frequency and value of purchases that are making your children or your trusted persons who have an extension of your card prevents unpleasant surprises! 7 Analyses to conscience if the services offered by the Bank or the financial institution, through your card are truly needed, such as travel accident insurance or medical assistance. 8 Keeps your card and your PIN in a safe place, these are the basic pillars in issues concerning security and credit cards. 9 Prevents the theft of your identity when you make purchases online, for example, make sure that the Web site offers you transactions on secure servers. Take into account this situation, it will prevent that third they have access to your card number or your password. 10 Compares the interests of your credit cards and evaluates the possibility to cancel those which have high interest, even if they offer you attractive rewards programs these rewards never compare with the interest that you apply!

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Freedom Property

The certificate of tradition and freedom, is a document that is acquired mainly for all legal data that can present a building or premises, in what refers to the different affectations and charges levied on a good, in the same way upon whom rests the current possession and to previous holdings that could present a good; in other words the certificate of tradition and freedom is the ideal medium to know the legal status of all immovables which are subject to registration. The certificate of tradition and freedom is issued immediately, in all those offices in which having a systematized model of registration; where do not have these conditions shall be issued within a period that does not exceed the next day. For issuance of the certificate of tradition and freedom is necessary the number of registration real estate the land or property, in case of not having such number with the number of identification card owner, together with a receipt of payment rights of expedition of the certificate. In some cases calls also the address of the property or premises. The certificate of tradition and freedom is requested before the Office of register of instruments circle public register them to which belongs the real estate or property. Document that represents the certificate of tradition and freedom can say that it is a reflection of the life of a property, since if is a faithful and complete reproduction of all registrations that have been made in the register of real estate. Certification obtained with this document allows a full transcript of the folios of registration real estate or in certain cases the reproduction thereof through effective means which guarantee a sharpness that step to fully understand the information and also represent durability. Within the certificate of tradition and freedom, may obtain the information about who is the real owner of a property and different figures affecting the property, such as embargoes, mortgages, encumbrances of valorization and all those limitations to the domain or any legal act affecting any legal business. Other information that may be obtained from the certificate of tradition and freedom are the same conditions of the property, since specified floors that has the property, if this does stop the horizontal property regime or if you have the desenglobe. The foregoing I could say that the importance of the certificate of tradition lies largely in the realization of different types of legal business which borne a good, since when it comes to the purchase of a property it is best that this does not have anything that affects it, therefore it is best corroborate the legal conditions to which this subject goodthus preventing any kind of legal problems in the future submitted to both the seller and with third parties.

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Freedom Of Thought

Can you imagine a world without the Internet? something difficult would be because after that humans will get accustomed to the facilities, it is quite difficult to imagine without them, even if the individual is extremely adaptable, it would create a great shock because of the way in which human beings have become accustomed to having the information by simply powering on your personal computer. Perhaps not affect ones, since they grew up and in his time barely existed typewriters and to date not even have failed to learn to use a word processor in the small computer’s grandson; others will perhaps be affected by purchases that normally made between which could highlight cheap wedding details or the continual search for original perfumes for half price. What seems an idea of a science fiction movie or a subject of a book of revelation and world disorder, is not far from reality. There are currently countries where its political regime prohibited and moderating the content of what is seen and searched on the internet, in few words; the Government is nanny’s Internet in your country. It has reached the point of restricting the use of certain types of cell phones which offer modes of communication in which people could undermine the idealism that lives there. Although it sounds like an absurd idea that this happens, as happens more than you think and this is why young people driven by a freedom of expression, are involved in riots, protests and demonstrations calling for freedom of ideas. Anything else in the world can ban or moderate, you can not even censor what the ideas of men, and all the myriad of thoughts that go through your head, and the worst mistake that someone can commit, is underestimating the ability of reasoning of another.

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