Mayoral Elections

In these elections the candidate of the Alianza Social Indigena Oscar Mejia Marulanda constituted in this city’s new mayor to win election conducted in yesterday. Mejia Marulanda got 21.327 votes against the 16.469 Euripides Pulido, his sole opponent in this atypical election process convocadao to choose the replacement of Ovid Mejia Marulanda, who was separated from his post by decision of the Council of State. After a short and characterized campaign, as always, by government programs that usually promises the same, generous commitments and massive mobilizations of the closing campaign, finally this commitment is fulfilled with democracy, so today is already known the name of who will be driving destinations in the most important municipality of La Guajira in 25 months, there is no new demands and claims. Maicao has been a village truly suffered for several reasons: the poor quality of its public services, the ups and downs of its economy and the living conditions precarious for much of its population, to what we must add some institutional factors such as lack of governance that has characterized it for fifteen years. The three decades have elapsed since 1995 dan for five periods of Government. And indeed, in the elections of 1994, 1997, 2000, 2003 and 2007 these five Presidents were chosen: Antonio Hernandez, alvaro Guerrero, Ovid Mejia (1), Jose Rafael Diaz and Ovid Mejia (2). However, four of these mayors saw interrupted their mandates by judicial decisions (Hernandez and Guerrero) and two others were away from their posts definitely from the same cause.

In his replacement six mayors were appointed by part of the Governor’s question time and were convened to two atypical election processes. In total, the land of corn has had questionable record of having thirteen mayors in this period of its history, which gives to an average just over twelve months for each of them. These accounts would explain in large part the conditions found in Maicao, despite the wealth that it generates and the considerable resources it has received from the National Treasury on behalf of the royalties from the exploitation of the El Cerrejon coal. It is up to the newly elected Mayor exploit to the maximum the short time remaining before 31 December 2011 not only to translate campaign promises into reality but to restore confidence to a people who need to believe their rulers especially when they avizoran new years of lean from the aftermath that has left him the painful and costly separation from the municipality of Albania in terms of the drastic reduction of resources from the royalties. The ruling class of the Guajira, including congressmen, deputies and the departmental Government should attend Maicao as a real priority and support to the Mayor and his people so that they can abandon its chronic crisis, on the understanding that any ailment of the border municipality ends up hurting him and very strong to the peninsula.

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The Success

Each professor must look for optimum to be able to make to its contents it work and having advantage. For certain he does not have doubt of that education favors the understanding in the way as if makes science. The professor engaged in task to teach will see that the experimental lessons can become a privilegiado instrument students to learn them: Observar; Discriminar; Organizar; Classificar; Medir; Experimentar; Avaliar. It is possible that same in a school with little experimental tradition the pupils pass: Desenvolver innovative abilities and techniques; Passem to use and to calibrate instruments; Passem to use a microscope; Possam to prepare solutions. To propitiate to the student concrete experiences that extend its capacity to establish relations and to understand concepts and principles. Propositadamente must be given priority so that the pupils start to understand me the propitious mentos for the valuation of the life, in its diversity, and the important development of the attitudes and valores, in science and the collective work.

4 SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENT Despite it has discords how much to some of the cited aspects, justifies the use of the experimental activity as resource capable to assure one efficient learning of the pertaining to school contents. Thus, the experiment can be carried through by the professor, as demonstration, and for the proper pupils, according to a script more or less detailed and previamente elaborated. The experiment must have a previous assay, must be carried through of anticipated form for the professor in order to guarantee the success at the moment of the execution. As general rule first it is used to explain the subject aiming at to introduce and to explore the subjects and, mainly, to motivate the pupil on ' ' que' ' he will be boarded. Of beforehand it must be thought and to have an inductive character, where the students can control 0 variable and discover or redescobrir functional relations between them, or deductive, when they have the chance to test certain predictions of the theory.

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