The Same

Clarifies which is the situation of the inhabitants of the Avernus prisoners in his observer ship due to virus heliconiano that kills the earthlings a few days of breathe the air of the planet. However a lottery allows that an individual can lose every so to die in Heliconia, nobody refuses because death in liberty is better than live centuries in a tin can floating in space. The story revolves around one of the winners of the lottery that gets involved in the intrigues and wars of domain. What changed is that we are on a planet where nature is strange and addictive. The fact of reading the second volume of this trilogy immediately after the first, is due to the ability of the writer to catch your reader. Merit is greater when it steals time to other things to do. Recommended as the first.

Finally I would like to say the souls outlandish to read these lines that I have bought and enjoyed some books by their criticisms or recommendations. Why still milling wheat, once someone will make bread with the product of my effort, I see them on the next turn of the wheel. Axxon 188 magazine August 11, 2008 – Blog of Sci. FICS August 2009: annotations in one Book II on Heliconia > summer do not need to explain some things when the trigger of the trilogy is known. In this second installment – a little more extensive than the first (569 pages approximately)-we find ourselves with more of the same, but without ceasing to be interesting, of course. This time the station mentions that the title is so charged as palatial wefts that embroiled the story. I have not stopped making notes, this time in pieces and strips of paper which I think may interest only to a mind so wandering like mine. Of what would give them strange names that will not understand.

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European Community

The city of Paris is one of the most beautiful and attractive in the world, the most visited by thousands and thousands of tourists throughout the year, and also the most romantic of all the places that exist on the planet. Unlike other major cities of Europe, Paris does not have a well-defined center around which the city opens, Paris is all Center! On the other hand, we know that Paris has given since always, light to the knowledge in the world and is a city of art. This fact is widely demonstrated the instituted as the birthplace of the rights of men, and also of the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity, all fundamental and in force in the constitutions of democratic countries to the length and breadth of the world. As one of the most attractive cities of the world, Paris also offers French courses for those interested in learning the language. Being part of the European Community, learn the French language opens the doors to the world to those who wish to venture into their language. In France there are different offers at the moment of choosing where to study. These offerings generally make reference to: – a methodology specific, since study languages abroad is in direct relation with the economic and everyday life. -A methodology personalized and interactive, since the program is adapted to the needs and expectations of each student (to a greater degree if a language for executives course)-a highly qualified team of teachers, subject specialists, pedagogues and teachers dedicated to the teaching of the language. On the other hand, the hospitality of our residents make the stay of the student, more than a field trip, a journey of pleasure. Combining in perfect way, practice the language, with the tour. Original author and source of the article

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Rene Descartes

At the end of the first book of metaphysical meditations, Rene Descartes reasoned: suppose, therefore, that not an optimal God, source of truth, but some evil genius of extreme power and intelligence makes every effort to let me wander; I will believe that the sky, air, Earth, colours, figures, sounds and all external are not more than deception of dreams that has put a trap my credulity; may I take it that I have no hands, no eyes, or meat, or blood, but I owe everything to a false opinion mine; I will stay, then clasped to this meditation and thus, although it is not allowed me to learn something real, I will seek at least with resolved decision, since it is in my hand, do not attest to false things and avoid this deceiver, by strong and ready it is, you can teach me anything. But this attempt is filled with work, and some laziness takes me to my ordinary life; as the prisoner who enjoyed in dreams of an imaginary liberty, when it begins to suspect that he was sleeping, fears that you wake up and continues closing your eyes with these sweet illusions, I slip so voluntarily to my old beliefs and terrifies me waking, lest after Placido rest has passed the laborious evening not in some light, but between the inextricable darkness of the raised problems before commenting on say the alert launched descartes on the threat against the methodical doubtIt is worth remembering two points frames to place us on the subject. The first is about these, his meditations, which are composed of six parts, meditations, or books. I share with you the scheme made on the content of each one of it for purposes of analyzing your reading. Meditation 1 situations that lead us to confusion and error. The evil genius. Write on your synopsis (prior to his six meditations, the author wrote a summary of them): the causes outlined by which we can doubt all things.

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Creating Images For Mobile Phone Devices

In order to create a picture or an animated picture we need a photo or picture of a small size (image resolution). Picture you can find on the Internet, such as wallpaper on the site or through any Free, good service to search for images on the Internet pridostatochno.Itak, the picture we found, we now need to fit it under a screen resolution of your phone (if you do not know the screen resolution of your phone, read the or find a specification for your model). In order to fit the picture you can use photoshop or any other program to work with grafikoy.U each program has many features and toolsets, but we must able to study them . a program to make pictures, I do not think stoit.Est simple solution called it WallpaperMobile.Programma very simple, anyone can look to Besides, she .Itak, how to use it, upload your pictures into one folder, preferably in it as to create another program papku.Zapuskaem select a source folder (where the pictures), select the receiver (the folder where should save the picture). expose permit or choose a model and a company phone, choose between compression and image quality and and click start.Kogda program finished processing, go to the folder you created and There will be all your images already made by your phone.

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Probably the first web page that was contained only texts. Then you learned how to change font types, perhaps how to align the text and add images. Then you found the tables and began to distribute their content. At some point you will need to incorporate a form for contact information or something as well. And that’s it, right? Well not. There are several additional objects that you can add to your web page. In this article we will talk about one of the most common and will show you how, when and why to use it. FLASH animation originally only a product of Shockwave that tried to improve the quality of the animated images, FLASH today is one of the most popular and innovative additions to your web pages.

FLASH allows not only improve animations, also makes it possible to add video, audio and even allows to generate different responses depending what the Navigator click or select. FLASH is of itself an entire environment design and developers, contains their own language (known as ActionScript). If you as a designer are interested in going beyond web design or a developer who wants to make his resident on the client code, FLASH is a tool that should be included in your personal learning plan as well as you should consider purchasing the respective license do not use FLASH only because it looks good, use it when: – plans to make an interactive animation to the user – want to present various contents brief in layers within the same space – you want to make a banner with the possibility of filling out a form – you have a picture or graphic to be displayed in high resolution now going to explain the tag. Like most HTML tags, i.e. Double, requiring two delimiting tags: and. Everything that is in the Middle constitutes an object to insert.

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