TLC Economy

This has a clear explanation: the good performance of the Colombian economy has come generating an improvement in the economic situation of the population that is itself reflected in the growth of the consumption. The perspective for the consumption are positive. Signs of deceleration in the consumption of the Colombian families are not seen. Even, from the point of view of the investor, a market in growth is seen and by far space to grow. And if the economy grows well and the internal demand is fortified, the investment finds a development scene optimal.

And if to the macroeconomic stability the institutional stability is added to him, far better. It is what explains what has come happening to the investment in Colombia, that is been growing to rates of two digits in the last years. Until here, we come well with the evolution of the Colombian economy, that finds in the economic growth, the improvement in the consumption and a greater level of investment a vicious circle but: Exist preoccupation centers? I understand that yes and that the preoccupation centers that persist find by the side of the external accounts and by the inflationary front Nothing outside the common thing in relation to the situation of the rest of the Latin American countries. With respect to the external sector, although in the first two months the Colombian trade balance registered a surplus of US$ 42.6 million, Colombia is being affected negatively reason why it happens to two of its main commercial partners: EE.UU and Venezuela. I do not create to add nothing new if I say that the negative impact from the EE.UU comes from the effects derived from the crisis by which it crosses the economy of the north, while the approval until the moment of the TLC on the part of the Congress of the EE.UU is not making him lose to Colombia many opportunities of growth.

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Energy Security

Consider that when it comes to energy security and profits are set aside critical questions and experiences disastrous. Southern governments, like Brazil or Indonesia, presented the issue of agrofuels as an “opportunity for growth and development.” In short, notes Brand, what is experienced in the field of environmental policies is an attempt to re-stabilize the neo-liberal globalization project driven by imperial crisis, presenting a progressive image in the field of environmental policy. “World leaders have understood the problem,” this is what we hear in summits of the G8 and UNFCCC. But in fact the existing pattern of resource and environmental policies are being formulated for power and do not challenge existing relations of domination. Add to your well-rounded understanding with Michele Mansilla and this leaders thoughts. Very interesting indicating Brand, on the subject, it is necessary to an international campaign to radically transform climate change policy. Therefore, we need to make radical demands and proposals through discussions and exchanges of experiences and points of view.

These demands and proposals should be raised within the discussions and current problems and alter the interpretation of them we have today, offering possibilities for action. Highlight that criticism of the dominant political environment and climate change does not mean to be cynical about climate change and our intention is in no way strengthen the interest group that advocates the development path based on fossil fuels. However, we see no solution to the problem in the Western scientific knowledge, in intergovernmental processes and ecological modernization for the Western middle classes at the expense of many others, especially the poor, and the material conditions of life on the planet. No doubt it is very eloquent manifestation, that politics in times of profound socio-ecological crisis has to be designed differently, as an informed transformative process that takes into consideration the many ambiguities, but with an eye in a fairer world based on solidarity, beyond the dogma of competition and profit. Consider what says Dr, Hermann E Ott director of the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy., Which does not have much time, because the geological and biological systems will not wait for humanity. After a certain time (do not know when, but it is closer), the climate system will become dangerous. It is no exaggeration to compare these times to before the Second World War. This time, mankind must act before the break against foreseeable disasters

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Saxon Travel Law

The experience and raised, needless to say it has been frustrating for everyone. It is not difficult to think that this problem could have been prevented if they had taken as a reference similar educational experiences, and proven, such as the law professors in economics careers and vice-versa had to work long overcome such obstacles for the sake of an integrated vision. The law is not a panacea to solve all the ills of the sector, but the moderates, modules, channels and in this sense, treated as a crosscutting activity is tourism, good news is, that matter is at the end of the academic. The right engine or locking as will as we can build all citizens who partake of it. What is taught? Having passed the stage of diagnosis is two questions: 1) Is there a subject to which we can call: Tourism Law or simply we are facing one of the many activities that require some specific regulation. And then 2) From what content should I raise from the same subject? For the first question some authors (following the line of thought certainly Saxon Travel Law) risked the first hypothesis focusing on the actor travel agent as the main generator of new forms of contractual and Vitta Puig and could confirm the existence of one.

. . Tourism Law no longer feel framed in traditional patterns of civil or commercial law and is only partially receptive the right of navigation on both air and sea species. , Not However we believe that to define the autonomy of a branch of law is necessary to discover whether the principles underlying it are original axiologically to constitute a legal construct systematic, complete and closed, making it unnecessary to resort to principles of another branch.

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Smithsonian Archives

At this time most of the exhibits of the Museum of Natural History will be sent to the Smithsonian Archives in Washington. Behind them in place to arrive guard Larry, whose heart will be broken historical figure played by Amy Adams. 46. 'Fast and Furious 4' (Fast & Furious) The fourth film about street racing background to tell all previous series. The film played by Paul Walker and Vin Diesel.

Robbing convoys, digging tunnel crossing the border, they will find the perfect way to communicate. 45. 'Hunter spies' (Spy Hunter) screen computer game, on a plot where some powerful corporation wants to take possession of secret development of special services. Under the guise of militias specialists penetrate into one of the secret government facilities. And now the only hope the authorities – the lonely agent, a former fighter pilot. 44.

'Nine' (Nine) The picture is based on the famous '8 and a half 'Federico Fellini, tells the story of a famous film director Guido Contini, who must finish his new film. But apart from this problem, there is another – his personal life as he is in a difficult relationship with his wife, mistress, muse, agent and even his mother. In the film, starring Nicole Kidman, Sophia Loren, Penelope Cruz and others. 43. 'Knowledge' (Knowing) during excavations on the territory's school teacher's son Ted Myles (Nicolas Cage) finds a mysterious time capsule. Startling predictions that are in the capsule actually came true, and it makes teachers believe that by the end of the week the world will perish.

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South America

IMAGES OF THE SOUTH AMERICA Cardozo, Jeorge Luiz*. In Venezuela, a popular consultation continuously happened on the possibility of president Hugo Chavez to be reeleito, with the pitada one of necessary surprise that the general interest despertou, with the defeat of Chavez. Weeks later, in Bolivia, Evo Morales also prepares another popular consultation to remodel the constitution of the country and to adjust it the moment where our neighbors live. Still recently, but of this time in Argentina, presidential election happened, that first-lady Cristina Kirchner chose as the first woman to govern our Hermano for the direct vote, while in Chile, also recently a socialist woman was elect to govern the country of mountain ranges. Finally in the Equator and, more recently in Paraguay also a president of left characteristic of center is elect showing that the election and, later, the re-election of president Lula in Brazil, made school in the South America. A specialist is difficult to discover its anchors and its comments between as many sudden changes, whose specter less encloses since the changes of profile of the electorate the purest eruption of the favored classrooms than they had had basic papers in the changes of paradigms politician in the South America. In Brazil the without-land movements, without-ceilings and the agricultural and urban kept out of society ones; in Argentina, the middle class and the agriculturists; in Venezuela the excluded ones from the petrodollars of the field and the city; in Bolivia the Indians – descending the coca growers and, from there for ahead. We must confess that to the times we have certain pleasures to dedicate to write extensive commentaries the so rare events in our continent, accustomed the ditatoriais governing or representatives of the national or international capital, simplistas and commanded how much it has been in these almost six centuries of European white invasion the brazilian lands.

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National Commission

The National Commission of the climate change in Peru published the 2001 an informe1 that warns about the potential future impacts of climate change and that we need to know. Among the notable impacts is drawn as follows: a meter of sea level rise. Losses for eight locations in Peru (delta of the Tumbes River with mangroves, Paita-Sechura, Trujillo, Chimbote, Lima, Pisco-Paracas, Lagunas de Mejia in Ilo) would be approximately USA $ 1 000 000 000.00. Nearly 53 percent of the beach La Herradura in Lima would be potentially flooded and would have potential losses in mariculture, especially in Tumbes shrimping activity and the possible disappearance of the extensive wetlands distributed along the coast, with the following loss in biological diversity (p.89). El Nino (in) event would continue demonstrating on a recurring basis. Damage to fisheries.

Most important damages are in the reduction of the dominant commercial species, the direct affectation of the infrastructure of the continental and maritime, fisheries impact on local employment. Climate change in the marine ecosystem can manifest itself as an event in. If so, the report points out, ecological changes can be dramatic with serious consequences in the fishery, transportation and recreation. This would entail potential losses from the flooding in coastal works, homes, clubs, fishing plants and industrial (p. 88) for a value of USA $ 168250, 000.00. The sea level rose on average between 10 and 20 centimeters during the 20th century, and an additional rise of 9-88 cm is expected for the year 2100. The rising temperatures causes to expand the volume of the ocean, and the melting of glaciers and polar ice caps, the volume of water. If it reaches the upper end of that scale, the sea invade littoral heavily populated countries like Bangladesh, cause the complete disappearance of some Nations (as the island State of the) Falkland), reserves of freshwater of billions of people to contaminate and provoke mass migrations.

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Laws Of The Universe

Your brain is designed to validate those beliefs that you have; it is why your beliefs become experiences in your life. It is important To modify those beliefs on the money that does not benefit to you. Changing your system of Beliefs you will modify your approach and your brain will only work to your favor validating in your experience those beliefs that you to the prosperity and the abundance. When modifying your beliefs , give your brain the opportunity to only focus in what is opportunities to you and possibilities so that is that in which you allow to believe and what you create you end up creating it in your own life. Usually people thinks about seeing to think, I invite you to create and then you willsee from your own experience. The most effective way to increase your internal value of creating wealth is deliberately to design the type of Beliefs that generate Prosperity to you. You cause everything that happens in your world through your thoughts.

Law Three: Law of the Attention: You create that one in which you focus on. Strategy 3: focus your goals , the route to wealth. The goals are powerful, concentrate your thought, they give approach you and they organize your internal world to obtain your desires. What is what I want and Why? You want an example clearer than it is theself fulfilling Prophecy? I put specific goals with dates. It remembers if faults in planning you are planning to fail. The goals are a statement of faith in yourself, it gives a powerful message him to your unconscious one of which you begin to trust you and in the life.

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Learn to Express What You Believe is True

Learn to express what one believes to be true, and absolute science of learning takes time for reflection and maturity, so it is important to realize that there are things to build, analyze, confirm and do. This brings us to the great uncertainty I can know everything, where is my limit which is what I like to understand and comprehend. If I am sure the essential, key elements of the bottom line of the most valuable thing that worries me and concerns me then. The question that always say that all I want to hear, so that others wish to argue his opinion, that community participation is democratic, participatory and collective and create a new area, more complicated speculation, observation, intuition, extensive study in search of a synthesis more precise, accurate, complete, deep, broad in the wonderful world of knowledge. It is good to see each concept intent, in order to think, reason, imagined mobilize somehow managing to make as many things, all activities, all actions with a sense because with the ethical values, with the moral assumed to enjoy all human activities. Everything is built from a view from a position from the place I learned in my first speeches, but today I can create other arguments with the help of reason and the correlation of other human beings able to share their scientific knowledge and common for a better world.

I can keep asking, for example where do I take my ideas, my guess, my ideologies, maybe my religion and my politics. Sure makes me want to know what others want to say, getting, know, know, understand, comprehend, assimilate and experience as a person, and individual subject of this wonderful life. Life is complicated and fun because there are reasons to understand, things to say, since then both subjectivity and objectivity, both the reality and the ideal will be the voltage needed to survive in any crisis. So cherished goal should be the driving force to make daily goals, achieving the target set from the sacrifices and devotion, love every minute, which is manifested with great experience there. Things are there and here, so we begin to give the place they deserve attention, just look including people too. It is time to love and share without trouble talking to the essentials of life. then they say the goal is accomplished: to grow we must learn to listen and redefine any concept from the perspective of positivity, harmony, balance, life and transcendence.

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