It is not enough to know how many equipment a unit counts for its operations, necessary to know on: the adequacy of the equipment; use conditions; access; type of maintenance consolidated; what to make to improve; it wants it is possible/impossible to improve; on that strong points count; which the lacks; which the priorities. In view of these consideraes, if it cannot leave of speaking on the principles of a proposal of one politics of evaluation: – Integration and participation, objectifying to deepen the construction of a system of evaluation with potential to deepen the commitments and social responsibilities of the institutions and to promote values, respect to the diversity, the search of the autonomy and the affirmation of the identity democratic; – Legitimation, credibility: technique, instrument of being able, ethics and politics.

Regulation and control, systematization and continuity, severity and flexibility (AZEVEDO AND SOUZA, 2007, p.2). In this perspective, the institucional evaluation search to integrate dimensions internal and external, particular and global, quantitative and qualitative, informing for the taking of character decision politician, pedagogical, administrative and social for the improvement in the quality in the rendering of services and the respect to the identity and the diversity. Thus, the evaluation of the institucional identity is established from the propagated information formal and informally and of the imaginary one added on the institution what it determines or not a identitria affinity and of belonging, to feel satisfaction in belonging to that institution or using its products or services (op. cit). 3 MEDODOLOGIA This article do not have the intention to present definitive conclusions; the study sketched here it is of prospectivo character, therefore the results alone can be used as starting point for ampler studies. There it was objectified to raise information through the analysis of bibliographical content focado in the interest of the collective, enclosed in such a way the professionals of the security how much those people to who must take care of.

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