How To Protect Yourself From Tax Errors

Tax Inspectorate of the Russian law is very harsh to errors in the calculation of tax documents. Anyone regardless of intentional or accidental errors committed in the conduct of tax reporting is a currently sanctioned by the tax authorities of appropriate fines, penalties, and the deteriorating financial condition of your business. Often, the regional authorities do not attach much importance to the publication of normative documents with new changes in taxation. And as pravelo accountant shall be notified only when filing a regular reporting of tax inspection. Errors are divided into several types: 1) Lack of or incorrect filling of documents (Acts, orders, contracts, bills of lading documents), and 2) ignorance of new laws and regulations in the conduct of tax reporting, 3) Errors committed with arithmetic calculations, 4) Untimely provision of documents tax office (often found in small organizations through the fault of an accountant), 5) Delay in payment of taxes (as is common among large enterprises is not where the chief accountant for personal or other reasons not performs its proper functions).

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All About Astrakhan

Blog Gleb Ivanov is the most contagious example of success: the provincial inherently online diary becomes a party TOP500 Yandex. Yes there TOP1000, according to Livjournal.ru, regional editor weekly blog investigations, “Fact and compromising,” at the time of writing this note is a very enviable position 213! .. What he’s bribed a Russian-language blogosphere, that even kings are involved in ratings conducted by Gleb Ivanov mega-mobs and actions? Maybe he was all his sly Frendo caviar feeds of melons – astrahanets Gleb Ivanov is this, anyway. What does he say? News Astrakhan and the SFD, politics, a lot of photos taken by an inquisitive journalist different parts of its old city, bearing the title southern outpost of Russia. And yet – reviews of interesting sites you want links and more. Personally, I recommend it bluntly buddylist. They say this season is cool:) PS By the way, who put it in a button that Hleb, as always qualitatively otpiarit in his journal.

Just do not forget to inform him about it. A code of a button, you can always find in his profile. In general, news of Astrakhan, and more on blog famous journalist! One has only to give himself into the hands of the press, so it is all the bones peremoet, gnawed, and they will eat. These are the thoughts come, when you hear the one about the proposal Astrakhan. No, not marriage, although this blogger who writes about news Astrakhan and not just say, very attractive. At least when it controversial journalist and editor of the regional weekly “Fact and compromising,” shown in one of Transmission of an “honest detective” on channel “Russia” by Eduard Petrov, negative impression, he did not make. On the contrary – the brave journalist, only one struggling with the written word corrupt and werewolves in epaulettes.

He invites all who will place a button on his blog, PR for himself. It’s worth it, blog Gleb Ivanov holds a worthy place in the rankings and a PR benefit you (just tell him do not forget about it and the button will discover in it profile). Why would he want, you ask? They say he has been studying the Russian blogosphere. Therefore, to discover, and along with his many readers for another interesting blog for a very interesting.

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Soviet Union

And in Russia will be born many new people who are able to change the world. – Russia is now called Union. But the old Russia is back and will be named the same as at St. Sergius … Socialism is back, but with a new face. Will again be the Soviet Union, but updated. Again, landowners will be co-operatives and overcome Bulgaria difficulties. Prosperity is possible only in Bulgaria, in alliance with Russia – it is our mother.

Russia always was and will be a great power. Reading the predictions, you know which way to go. Evil rejoices when nothing good done, Now it's time to wake up and sniffed the smell of fire. Past mistakes of the socialist system was that it was built on 'sand', so when 'the rain and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat upon that house, and he fell and it was fall of it. '(Matfeya7: 27) Now we can build a state so that no wind and no water will not destroy that which will be based on the' stone ', that is, the Word of God. Psalm 127 1. Unless the LORD builds house, in vain who build it; unless the Lord guards the city, in vain watchman stays awake.

Russian St. John of Kronstadt said: "Democracy is in hell, in heaven – the kingdom." We've had enough insults and mutual claims, it is written: 'Take heed to yourselves. If he sins against your brother, rebuke him and if he repents, forgive him '(Luke 17:3).

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Viktor Yanukovych

Further along the route followed by district B-3, or rather, a vacant lot between gray paneled five-story building and handed over last year mnogopodezdnym brick house. Kurylin showed the deputies and representatives of the Government of Samara region, where there should be a kindergarten for 330 places, as well as three houses on which construction scheduled for relocation of dilapidated housing. And somehow unobtrusive, slightly shifting the extended arm, Alexander, said the chairman of the srs Sazonov: – Viktor Yanukovych, here is the mountain, where Martynov (Director npf meta – approx.) Plan to make the ski slopes. And, suddenly, could not resist one of the deputies – the deputy chairman of the Committee on Local Government srs av Gontar: – Viktor Yanukovych, so I listened to today (Kurylina – approx.) – a very optimistic forecasts. Here we are in the Duma, and in the city we have everything in Samara there crying, weeping, weeping. Here, only one positive. No negatives.

– And do you want? – Immediately reacted Kurylin. – Do now – these words have were made by the laughter of Deputies, to evaluate the joke in stride. Discussing the positive and : "Well, the second straight Switzerland!" Deputies took their places on the buses. New march and now the fence btf, followed by the sad site of the future, but it is extremely needed and welcome – the morgue. Yet appeared dug pit, in which, as explained Kurylin, filled with 500 mm reinforced concrete slab. Under her order of a meter of rolled gravel.

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Public Administration

Continuing to study with scholarships provided by the French government to study in their own country graduate students and specialists from Russia. ena and cisap (International cycles of the National School of Administration and International Cycles in Public Administration). Cycles are designed for civil servants who have some experience in their field, young officials who want to enhance their skills. Also, training can take graduates who want to continue to become civil servants. Cycles include two courses. The first – training program, designed for nine months, six of which Fellows are trained and three months set aside for training.

The second program takes a year and a half, three months is also set aside for training, and all the rest of the time be trained scholars from Russia, together with students from France. Half-year last cycle of ciap – International Series on Public Administration. Two – six weeks – the duration cisap (Special International Cycles in Public Administration). Scholarships French Ministry of Culture. This kind of Fellowship provides an opportunity to undergo training in various fields. Duration of training two to three weeks. The course is designed for professionals in the field of finance, economy, culture, politics, library projects. Scholarships of the Ministry of Culture and Communication are designed for foreign translators of works by French authors. The course allows professionals to enhance their skills, dealing with the translation literary texts and texts relating to the humanities. Duration of training – one to three months. Next, consider the scholarship of various organizations.

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The People

The curse of the fig tree was irrefutable proof of the inevitable sentence hung over the Jewish nation. Condemns the statement executed become, in 70 AD when Roman legions razed Jerusalem. Divine mercy does not exclude the justice required. & Nbs p; II. Spiritual leaders & n bsp; Were the priests and doctors of the law in Israel realize its allusion in this act of Christ? How aware are the religious ministers of the warning implies that this miracle for them? It is clear that Christ's ministry was largely a highly conflictual dimension, since its purpose was to show truth to the people in darkness, since its inception, the work of the Lord pointed out the stark reality of the moral and spiritual leaders. Calls to interpret and teach the spiritual truths acted as the great ignorant by not acknowledging that was the Truth and the Life (John 1:1, "To his own wine, and his own received him not" His knowledge of the true theology was apparent. Similarly, his consecration and Christian conduct was only appearance, the famous chapter 23 of Matthew is a manifesto "J'accuse" of Jesus to the religious leaders of all ages, especially at this time when religion is transformed by many through mass communication, a way of life and easy profit. This situation and announced the great apostle Peter in his Second Epistle Verse 2 Universal chapter. III. The People of Israel How does the fig tree in the village Hebrew at the time of Christ? What application has this story for the Christian people of today? As good teacher, the Lord takes the action that their environment offers to bring in the minds of his followers is an urgent and necessary reflection.

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What Is Finance

The word "finance" is translated from the Latin financia as income payment. Finance can not exist without the subject of financial relations between the major settlements are in cash form. Therefore, although the economic content of Finance are money, under the finance should be understood primarily economic monetary settlements. In the academic discipline of "Finance" shows the basic rules of the financial relations of all subjects of social activity, consider methods of practical application of finance, examines ways to influence Finance on economic and social development of society economic actors are legal and natural person who is bearer of rights and duties. The interaction of economic actors constitutes a market that sets in motion all sorts of means and of which there are financial flows and financial assets, and in this movement are embodied financial relationships. The course "Finance" addresses specific forms of finance in various spheres of public activity, the functioning of the basics of finance. The subject of study Finance is a certain portion of cash flow in society, namely the relations which arise in the process of formation and use of cash income and savings, education on the basis of financial funds in intended purpose.

Funds of funds generated at the state level, local governments are centralized funds and cash funds generated at the level of economic entities households – decentralized. Revenues from various types of economic entities formed special funds of funds. Formation of these funds is strictly regulated in nature, and this is another hallmark of financial relations. The distribution of the gross national product is involved and people getting their share of wages in the form of business profits, dividends and other forms of redistribution. Furthermore, the population is involved in the formation of the centralized funds of funds through taxes, other charges of mandatory. This is the kind of money relations associated with the formation and distribution of income and expenditure, as a sphere of financial relations. the role of the organization of financial relations, the state always has special powers in their realization of their economic peers in the first place, with enterprises (holdings) and the population.

As a result, these economic actors of financial relations have different rights, ie are . Manifestation of this unequal, ie economic relations is the fact that organized businesses or people engaged in manufacturing, value added is distributed in the the state. Public finance is characterized by three main features of which operate only in the aggregate: – the relationship is always money – monetary relations have always been caused by the fact that there are state and regimented nature – monetary relations connected with redistribution (at the level of economic agents) of gross domestic product. If you are available all three features, then these relations are precisely public finances. In a society with the natural economies redistributive processes were primarily a factor of positive taxes and various personal services. The development of commodity-money relations led to a change in the form of redistribution relationship – they were worn primarily monetary in nature. But the essence of these relations especially not changed. "Finance" as a concept in its modern presentation can be attributed to phase separation of the state treasury, education, the state budget. Regular flow of funds into the budget can not be achieved without giving taxes, fees and other payments public enforcement, which reached the legal activities of the state, the establishment of appropriate fiscal unit.

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