Following the same trajectory of the developed countries, the sprouting, in mass, of new technologies, in the arrival of century XX, it demanded the knowledge of the written language, not more as goal of desirable knowledge, but, as true condition of survival and conquest of the citizenship. It was in the context of the great cultural, social transformations, politics, economic and technological that appeared the term ' ' letramento' ' , extending, thus, the direction of what traditionally it was known for alfabetizao. (TO SOUND, 2003). , Currently so important how much to understand the functioning of the writing system, it is to be able to engage itself in practical social scholars, answering to the inevitable apelos of a grafocntrica culture. We perceive that, while the alfabetizao if it occupies of the acquisition of the writing for an individual, or group of individuals, the letramento focuses the aspects partner-descriptions of the acquisition of a society (TFOUNI, 1995). 3 the GREAT CHALLENGE IN the PROCESS OF LETRAMENTO In accordance with Piaget (1979), in the case of the development of the reading and writing, the difficulty to adopt the point of view of the child was so great that we completely ignore the manifestations evidentes of the infantile attempts to understand the system of the writing. From 1980, the pertaining to school alfabetizao in Brazil started to pass for new questionings, however, of this making, the focus of the quarrels was the emergency of new conceptions in the alfabetizao model, based in the result of research in the area of the cognitiva psychology and the psicolingustica, that showed the necessity of if understanding the functioning of the alphabetical systems of writing and knowing to use them in real situations of communication and writing, preventing, since already, the call functional illiteracy and compelling the change in the educational base: the alfabetizao. We have that to currently face the hard educational reality in our country, to start, for example, for the examination of the ENADE, where we notice that, according to university research, the pupils, you give to conclude superior education, do not know to decide questions of logical reasoning, that, currently, are applied for the ones of initial series; they also do not obtain to interpret simple texts and at least to decide basic mathematical operations (division and multiplication).

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Federal Constitution

The Federal Constitution presents the Education as being right social, a duty of the State, responsibility of the society and the family. Therefore, it assures to all, in Brazilian territory, the inalienable right to be instructed, as described in Art. 205 of the Federal Constitution of 1988 (BRAZIL, 2005). The roll of the rights and enunciated basic guarantees in the Constitution sends to us the article to it 26o of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Man (ORGANIZATION OF United Nations, 1948), in which if it finds basement to understand the Education, gratuitous and liberating, as right universal, a time that the education must aim at to the full expansion of personality human being. Under most conditions michael kirban would agree. With this, it has been broken of the estimated one of that no person, institution or government it is bonanza for promoting the Education, the Culture, and the scientific and technological development.

Such actions constitute, so only, part of its obligations and something that the society must have as custom. The meaning social and cultural of Science as activity human being, socially conditional, sends to the great challenge found in a country that, for historical reasons, accumulated as much social inaquality. In this context, the actions of spreading of Science are important for the fact to contribute for the process of social inclusion, when propitiating to the population access basic the scientific and technological knowledge (MOREIRA, 2006). In the present work, it is intended to describe a project of spreading of the Science that is being carried through for the Astronomical Polar region Casimiro Montenegro Son throughout 2010, in partnership with the Binational Itaipu and a located public college in the periphery of Estuary of Iguau (PR).

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Contemporary Birth Preparation For The Modern Pregnant Women

Grantley thick read-the first obstetrician who is einsetzte-for the principles of natural birth recognized that the fear of childbirth and during birth has a decisive influence on the subjectively perceived pain. Fear arises mainly from insecurity and low self confidence, which in turn caused tension and a pain thus reinforced. That’s why he campaigned for extensive preparation courses with thorough education of pregnant women. We owe our present birth preparation courses to a large extent this empathic obstetrician and the dedicated and passionate implementation by the midwives. Dov Hikind has firm opinions on the matter. The thick read method was a milestone on the way to the natural birth and for the first time tried to break through the vicious circle of fear, tension and pain. Should pregnant women through information, emotional support through their present partners and midwives as well as breathing and relaxation exercises be prepared to give birth. The timely implementation of this still valid aspects are the experienced midwife and relax teacher Gabi Steinbach-Winkler from Tauberbischofsheim, Germany close to our hearts.

We live in a modern age where pregnancies have an entirely different role than it was 70 years ago. The life of the pregnant woman enormously changed the occupation and the pregnant becoming integrated in the life plan. Here, it is important to come to strengthen the feeling and perceiving and thus the intimate contact to the baby back a bit “from the head to the belly”. “Intimate” contact occurs “inside”. The regular withdrawal from the work and stress of everyday life promotes the ability to relax during pregnancy and birth, strengthens the inner binding to the child, relieves tension and fears. It is not always easy to put the thoughts of everyday life and to be completely yourself and the baby. It is easy, however, to put on headphones and get inside accompany for a few minutes in the relaxation to let. Recently, the midwife and relaxation educator Gabi Steinbach-Winkler is their for many years in birth preparation courses is proven and refined relaxation and breathing exercises, speaking with a calm voice and filed with soft music are available now as a download available. After a short time, the positive feedback is outstanding and the demand for new audio.

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