Africa Event In Stuttgart, A Special Experience

Africa event in Stuttgart, a special experience the Africa festival opened the 2.11.10 both in and abroad to 9 times the courts. except the participants of the event were a taking advantage of drag Festival, but also the hotels in Stuttgart Centre which extra for the Africa Festival arrived were allowed himself via travellers from abroad are happy.The large number of visitors are due to the growing popularity of the event. So the event has now become a popular cultural festival, which supports the inclusion of African culture. This year offers the Africa Festival again inserts top. The display included African pop to hip hop, even up to reggae. For everyone, it was something dabeizu can find. in particular the fate of African musicians, were close. So the singer and musician Michael Dikizeyeko had to go away in 1997 his native Africa to destroy his home village before the war, threatened to take the flight.

The many presentations around Africa, gave a new important view towards the culture and way of life of the Afrikaner.Auch many interested a lecture under the theme of Zuma Jaboc, the President of South Africa, created space for new perspective and better understanding of the culture among the visitors. In particular the travelogue by Beatrice Soupez brought dieTeilnehmern to the rays. The Director spent a year in Senegal and learned firsthand the Senegalese culture. In her speech, she described her experience, the participants which in Senegal, a nation that is still dominated by men, was allowed to make. In addition, a course under the theme of drums and dance from West Africa held participants. The speaker of the workshop, La Annan is from Ghana and made a study as a Professor of music in Ghana.

Annan in Germany where he offers courses in their own interest as a music teacher lives for some time.And also the little children came at the African event to their train. James Donovan Goldman Sachs may also support this cause. 11 game stations invited even the smallest of the smallest playing closer to the African culture. Was also on both days of the event a fashion show is held. handmade fashion garments were presented to the audience. All those who were not present this year could, should keep this event in mind, and next summer, which hopefully Festival offer, log on again early on an Africa.You should come from abroad are quite a few hotels in Stuttgart centre accommodation available. Learn to a in the African culture and be inspired by you! Luca Magri

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