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The Libyan answers for about 2% of the world-wide production, but it is one of the main oil suppliers of the Europe. The reasoning is logical: little oil in circulation (today the production already fell 4 times) + speculation and distrust of the future = high of the prices of the oil. Problem! Independent of who it gains this conflict, a thing is certain: the Libyan people goes to lose. Of a side, powers economic wanting a steady, independent government of who it is; of the other side, a dictator who already lost the notion of the reality and could imitate Luis XIV saying ‘ ‘ the State I am eu’ ‘. Worse E, in the way of this smoke is people who are being called for the press for ‘ ‘ rebels’ ‘ , but that far from being the solution for the problems of the Libyan, they can very repeat occurred histories in the Afghanistan and Iraq well. The Libyan is a forged State (all good, which is not), being composed for about 140 tribes. Gaddafi always represented some of them and got the antipathy of others. The problem in this country passes before for this question what a supposed one (that papo pierced) ‘ ‘ fight for democracy’ ‘.

It never had national cohesion in the Libyan and we are far from finding it. Between ‘ ‘ rebels’ ‘ , two distinct and dominant groups exist the least. One of them is composed for the partisans of the Senussi dynasty, removed real family of the power for the military blow that placed Gaddafi to the power. The dream of the allied powers it is that the power falls at the hands of this group, since they possess a well open vision to the occidental interests. However, this film to gain suspense contours, the other dominant group is composed for old Islamic guerrillas who had fought in Iraq and the Afghanistan. By the way, the American government already had admitted, in 2007, that 20% of the anti-American combatants in the war of Iraq were of the east of the Libyan (region now taken by the rebels). Already stories exist that members of the Al Qaeda had been enlisted by the Libyan rebels. It seemed trick, but the phrase of Gaddafi, of that it was white of the imperialism American north and of conspiracies of Osama Bin Laden, who sounded ridicule has some days seems that he starts to make some direction. If Gaddafi heard certainly Nelson Rubens would take pra itself its famous pilgrim’s staff: ‘ ‘ I exaggerate, but I do not invent lies! ‘ ‘.

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