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“” The Group sings we provide spaces for dreams “and want a complete service for the fallow ‘ supply. The escape from the big city with its Hectic and volume, the oh so perfect life with shopping center and maintenance facilities, is the basic idea of this piece. The eight performers by leitundlause assume a variety of roles, praise as agents of residential projects, act as experts in urban planning and rural development, exercise in boredom and idleness, invent projects about projects and embark on the search for a model for a new life. So the piece speaks of re-Naturisierung and the breaking of land. It is the way of the growth to smart shrink, if need be with funding, looking for. Far away, we never come back”is the desire of power women in the province. (Similarly see: Amazon). Sometimes something long and obviously to slow text and non-text passage, so also fallow land and land life are represented, are sometimes pronounced with the non-stop 2 hour piece (at least according to the impression of the author of this article).

The ensemble leidundlause”, by the founder of Mathias is vine, the change of the sensations of the Neukollner Opera before an animated screen dar. Here, the impression for the environment with photos and films, is supported in a pleasant and non intrusive way. Impressive is also set with large open wooden crates varied theatre was presented. The ensemble was already in their other appearances and presented their arts skillfully between music and theatre. Since the actors for the part musicians (I will not hide two male brass), partly actresses and some are trained in both disciplines, the boundaries of the arts of the group are fluent.

To make appear on the other side it was understood perfectly, the strengths of the individual artistic guilds”in good light. So single women with perfect acting, inspire other enchant with their classic songs. Between the played passages, always small, intoned by winds mostly melodic songs are presented. This beautiful music performances distinguish from each other then the scenes. In the course of the evening, then blur these boundaries. In this piece there also, in a charming, small puns and word variations. The concentration of the actor is sure especially challenged this. The audience especially fun at the sometimes quirky Word battles. Viewers must already deeply immersed in this work for themselves to make then experience content access. Whether it is able to experience like nothing and the wasteland, remains to be seen and will be surely very individually answered. The profound piece is probably not to everyone’s taste. The very entertaining music parts and all round good artistic performance but inspire the audience at any time. The audience was happy at the end of the evening, and has applauded vigorously. ToM Baird Press – dates: 26 and 28/29 August and 2nd-5th, 9-12 and 16-19 September 2010 at 20: 00 stage of Bauhaus (Dessau Rosslau): 1st and 2nd October 2010 at 20: 00 Cards: Neukollner Opera: 9-21 euros, reservation under 030 / 68 89 07 77 or as well as all known ticket agencies Bauhaus stage: 10, erm. 7 euros, reservation at 0340 / 6508 250 or Neukollner Opera Karl-Marx-str. 131-133 12043 Berlin Tel: 030/68 89 07-0 fax: 030/68 89 07 89

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