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Theme day \”Renewable energies\” on October 31, 2009 in top chess therefore on October 31, 2009 organized a day on the subject of renewable energy the seminar House of Knights of Justice and the municipality of upper chess. The company was charged with the planning, organization and implementation of dull entertainment from Grafenau. The possibilities and aspects are presented in various lectures and presentations. The presentation followed by discussion with the topic of sunny Outlook by Dr. Franz Alt, is at the heart of the event in the the show is how each can immediately benefit from the use of renewable energy. \”We will use the Sun, wind, and Earth, to fuel our cars and run our factories.

And we are going to reform our schools, colleges and universities, to meet the requirements of a new era. We can do all that. \”And we will do all of this,\” says Barack Obama. The issue of energy is the most important issue of in world politics the energy challenge of our time is Sun policy, so the opinion of Dr. Franz Alt. Also a new economic era begins with the new time.

The global economy headed into a green era that will bring no less revolutionary changes in the 21st century, as once the invention of the steam engine, railway, telephone or telecommunications. Economic growth and at the same time fewer and fewer CO2 emissions are possible. The success of the German renewable energy law has proved that. Since the year 2000 3,000 megawatts of renewable energy have been installed every year. More than 200,000 jobs have been created here. In 46 countries, this German law adopted so far in China and India. Today, the Sun sends 10,000 15,000 times as much energy to the Earth as all people consume the wind currents include 308 times as much energy as is consumed in one day fifteen times more biomass as would be needed for energy production worldwide grows and usable hydropower contains about half of the energy that we convert this day theory again enough so the solar energy far to replace the today’s environmentally destructive energy mix of coal, oil, gas and nuclear.

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