Barack Obama

And it also became Hitler (the sick and lunatic politician), who came to power through the ballot box and covenants: polls and vote, vote … All covenants and learn in a subject, that we must be always day: The art of politics, because politics is an art: the art of making others happy, art to benefit the society that is governed, the art of deceive the voters, the art of declaring the assets when it comes to rule and when it comes out (the same as being honest and upright) … But one wonders if our current Spanish rulers (including the Leader of the Opposition) will not be forgetting the unfinished business of ‘The art of politics’.

Maybe a mistake, and I do many times a day, and this is to leave with pockets full of ideas and broken promises and broken by the weight you carry … and now I’ll shut up. (This’ art of politics’, and as God, he practiced Barack Obama, who was elected ’44. Th President of the United States’, by votes, and these polls told us: No one will dare ask for “that black” in the White House, because the elected president and in his heart, presumably might think: “If you ask me, my name is Barack Obama.”) And the first government of Spanish democracy exit polls (July 15, 1977), was chaired by (UCD). But IMHO paid a heavy price: the creation of the Spanish autonomies ’17, whose current presidents consider them as ‘Viceroy’: democracy had a price.

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