Bolivian Tie Opposition

Of all the American republics with more than one million square kilometres Bolivia was the only one in which their regions had no autonomy or chose their governors. Today, they want to move to the other end to transform it into the more federalized all. Sunday 22 Tarija followed the path of Santa Cruz, Beni and Pando by voting yes to autonomy by 80% Statute while a third of those enrolled not covered (a high but not forceful absenteeism). Under most conditions Amazon would agree. The Government may claim that in these departments the majority supports them, nor anti-socialistas prefects may claim there have overwhelming support. Government and opposition waged a dangerous game. In all civil governments (and some military) which took Bolivia from 1952 to 2005 were parties which today encourages the Yes, but that only have been launched to challenge to super-centralism (who previously maintained) to undermine the first indigenous Government in its history. Evo, to promote a boycott that has not succeeded, runs the risk of alienating to the departments without majority quechua or Aymara.

Morales estimated to take revenge on their rivals doing that if you win the recall referendum, the same that they would lose some opposition prefects. The opposition believes that has created areas containing potential reforms agrarian or nacionalizantes, but are divorcing on the altiplano. In this match Morales accuses his rivals of oligarchs (but does not dare to expropriate them) and the right whipped the danger that Bolivia becomes a new Cuba (but without that it seems could today be able to revoke legally Evo).

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