British Prime Minister

In 2000 he won the Mayor’s Office with 776,427 votes and in 2004 with 828,380 votes. The Prime Ministers have never had more than a high percentage of less than 50,000 voters who have him voted in their respective constituencies. In 2000 he was elected Mayor of London to defy that Blair vetoed him and then to expel him from the party. After that he was readmitted to the ruling party, labour has managed to have a good result in the election municipale Sto throughout London. Livingstone has had 13 years ruling London, a record that does not have any contemporary British Prime Minister. He has managed to maintain a high popularity due to their incentive programs to public transport and reduction of pollution, as well as having assured that London wins the nomination to be the headquarters of the 2,012 Olympics.

Despite having distanced himself from the Government because he condemned the invasion of Iraq, essentially Livingstone did not want collide with Blair and Brown. Boris on the hunt for Ken for these elections the Conservatives calculate that they will again be the first force within the London Assembly (today have 9 of its 25 members against 7 of the labour, 5 of democratic liberalism, the Greens 2 and 2 on the right European anti. However, are optimistic that their new candidate Boris Johnson may dispute the Mayor’s Office to Livingstone. The Conservatives expect to dethrone King Ken using the wear of Brown, his criticisms of the budget pro-impuestos, of a series of campaigns of vilification to Livingstone by alleged authoritarianism or scandals and resentment that some of their tolls or ecological taxes have caused in media sectors. As in the London system the majority of Londoners vote in two rounds will have that to ultimately be defined between the proposals of Johnson cut taxes or stop the environmentalist tolls and the continuity of the Mayor’s Office. According to a latest survey Livingstone, who has always spearheaded them in London throughout its management, has come to be surpassed once by his rival. Ken, however, aspires to successive student.

He supported the Venezuelan re-eleccionista Constitution of Chavez and believes that the world has paid expensive the fact that Clinton could not aspire to a third term. The It ansiaria at least, maybe stay until a fourth period to see that their dreams of seeing their city as the sports world headquarters in the 2,012 met. Although Ken is a historical critic of the monarchy, his adversaries are tempted to consider it an English Fidel Castro by his leftism and attachment to the post. Certainly that Livingstone has already be demarcated’s previous radicalism because it has supported the privatization of transport services and is generally identified with the pro-monetarista orientation of the current Government. While much of the debate will be about local issues, this election will have a major impact for the future of this Government and also a dessert in world politics. The defeat of Ken would draw the main European Mayor anti-war in Iraq and a Johnson victory would put the Foundation to put the Conservatives back to power and put brakes to the European Union.

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