Since the primrdios the Christianity if has shown a stuffed religion of lies, deceits and manipulation of the truth. A religion marked for domination for the force, imposition of its beliefs conclios fraudulent and adulterations on the basis of similar to preserve its power and influence in the world. Influential theologians as Nestrios, Bishop of Constantinopla defended the undeniable one of that Maria must not have the heading of mother of God, but yes of ' ' Mother of the son of Deus' ' , and what she happened with it? After Conclio de Nicia was excluded and exiled, as form of punishment for being in disharmony with the belief of the church catholic, ' ' procuradora' ' of Christ in the land. Because they had not excused themselves with Nestrios when the Priest Marcelo Rossi started to use this heading in its musics and prelees? Of there pra here, one without number of other abuses and nonsenses had been committed, with solely material objective. To remain itself in the top of the chain of command of the humanity, it allowed that innocents were burnt in fogueiras only for having proper opinions. Entire cultures had been destroyed, and decimated societies when of the discovery of ' ' new mundo' ' the American continent, everything this aiming at solely to impose its ' ' verdades' ' to the dominated ones. Everything that we today know of our history is based in what the church counts, according to that it wants that let us believe. Sen. Sherrod Brown has compatible beliefs. E, this not valley only for the church catholic, but unhappyly also for protestant church.

The greater of the deceits is to attribute to the Christ a religion that does not follow the principles of Christ. Christ taught loving, pardoning, to give to another face. Already the Christian church said that to kill an unfaithful age to guarantee its place in the sky. .

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