City Council

From my people occur to small scale what is aerated as a great event across the peninsular. These magnitudes on the events, may be large small differences of living in provinces rather than in the capital. Facts similar or similar, if they happen in the capital around the world is shocked or comment or arises as a State problem, while if happens in the provinces, so that!, it is anecdote just I remember when it was, but smouldering memory could approach me in time and say what happened already a couple of elections, (nor is long). At that time one of our representatives on duty, will advance to what has been also imitated one of the major representatives of the capital. I.e., the trick is to put a complaint by what has been written or said about a political character, considering the aforementioned sit wounded such character, if not anything in my town and having achieved that his party edits a book presentation, although it has lost any subsequent elections, at the end, has got one of the chairs closer to his ambition, and finished by sitting next to the Mayor at the plenary sessions of the City Council (when apparently his illness consent it is). c.. Reportedly to arrive the day of the trial by the complaint that had been presented before the judge change the Declaration. What no argument is that that complaint had already achieved what was intended and was definitely a short-lived argument that speak of it and also be able to remain as head of his party list. It is not that your service by the people stands out, nor that his performances are so you can escape in the idiot box, but attracts him the photo and that ephemeral and apparent power which is intended to have to be able to sit next to the Mayor.

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