Constituent Congress

Proponents of the law on consultation then lack legitimacy and also we say of some representatives of AIDESEP, newly arrived from exile, by the unclear conditions of their arrival, in the legal aspect that is they have unfolded, not making clear their participation, it would be be more diaphanous than others to take the BBS and legitimize this process of Amazonian Andean peoples against the Creole State. Because in a negotiation is going with good intentions and without no ACE up the sleeve, it is not so in this moment, we say, because you are at risk our survival of our Nations and the future of our children and their children for generations that will also come. And that the brothers arrived from exile not can legitimize in its representation, by the same first conditions that were placed by the legal system of the State and that they have changed in this time, and just in the circumstances given the illegal proposal of inquiry law originating in and Amazonian peoples. Acumen and mistrust taught him us the Creoles that they have always sown in our Nations and peoples. Or is it not true that this budding his famous law of displacements, which graded the offal peoples for the interests of transnational corporations, but in no way of our peoples. But there is something more that it undermines the Peruvian legal system, to propose a law on consultation and this part of the legitimacy of the political Constitution of 1993, which stems from an autogolpe of State and that it intended to give air of legitimacy with a Constituent Congress, despite being oleado and sacrament by the international community its origin is spurious and therefore its legal consequences become in illegitimate. And even more they are more aggravated in the uncertainty of nationality, which today has not been clarified by all tests that corroborate the true identity of the Magistracy of the Creole nation who my have been miraculously disappeared. Why his signature was removed in the Government of Mr Alejandro Toledo, as an affront to ethics and the same decency to those who live in this territory.

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