Consultative Council

In the framework of the law recently approved by the Government of the province of Buenos Aires, held interzonal Hospital of treble of the city of Mar del Plata, Dr Oscar Alende, the first pregnancy by artificial insemination. The MOM resides in that city and has 31 years of age. The new law establishes that assisted fertilization treatments will be free of charge, both in the public sector, and in charge of social works or prepaid. Recipients of treatments, may be women aged between 30 and 40 years with infertility problems; as a requirement for access to treatments must certify their residence in the province of Buenos Aires, for a minimum of two years. All social works and prepaid, with affiliates in the province should cover treatments, even those of high complexity, also provincial hospitals will cover treatments for free. Patients will be guaranteed up to two treatments, at the rate of one per year, with the possibility of access to a third party, prior Consultative Council. The provincial hospitals which will cover these treatments are: Guemes in Haedo, Penna of Bahia Blanca, San Martin de La Plata, Dr Oscar Alende of Mar del Plata.

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