Disability Insurance

All over the world, most of the people and their families depend on a paycheck to pay off your fixed monthly expenses and live. But when for some reason and they can not work, they face a serious problem. To avoid this, have created occupational disability insurance, so that workers can meet their economic and financial responsibilities if you have an illness or injury that prevents him from their regular work. In some countries, for example, there is a call for DISABILITY INSURANCE LONG TERM, or LTD, as its acronym in English, which protects those who can no longer work after suffering an injury or severe illness. In almost all countries have disability insurance policies both nationally and in the private sphere.

This insurance replaces a portion of income that the worker has ceased to receive as a result. To be eligible, a worker can process through their employers or by themselves, individually, but in both cases, the worker must undergo a thorough medical examination, which also takes into account your medical history to determine what could be their preexisting conditions. In case of necessity requires it or their families to communicate with the employer immediately, by telephone and in writing, to begin the formalities and avoid unnecessary delays. This can help almost immediately to replace the disabled worker's salary and alleviate the economic situation in a very difficult time. It is also a top priority to collect, save, copy and deliver the necessary documentary evidence showing that the worker is eligible for this benefit: state agencies and private insurance maintain standards of assessment of each case to prevent abuses in the background. The amount you pay per month to workers who have become disabled depends to some extent on the amount that he had been earning a monthly basis until the time of the accident or illness that caused his disability. Many companies take special care to have this kind of insurance for a day all employees, because they believe it protects their valuable human resources within and outside of work, often until the worker must come back to your home. Both national governments, employers and workers should bear in mind that where an employee can not work, disability insurance works for him and for him.

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