Dissimulated Politicians

Currently it is very common to hear declared politicians whom supposedly they aim at to take care of to the necessities of the people in a general way, thus we understand that the lingustica ability is capital symbolic in the field of the politics and a preponderant factor in the maintenance of the power of the professionals of this area. When using the official language the enunciador one searchs the recognition and the valuation of its you speak. The lingustica ability can insert the individual in a field, and can keep it in its legitimate position. However it is important to explicitar that we understand articulation to apartir of Koch (2000, p113) when defines articulation as: ' ' an event only never repeated of statement production. This because the production conditions (time, place, papers represented for the interlocutors, reciprocal images, social, objective relations aimed in the interlocution) are constituent of the direction of enunciado' ' thus being it is not only one instrument of communication.

bakhtiniana vision of that the man is a being partner-description and that if he constitutes in the interaction with the other through the language, specifically through the discursivos sorts makes in them to perceive that to speak is not only to communicate something and yes to produce directions, to produce identities, images, experiences. Soon the speech politician, suffers to internal and external impositions its field. The enunciador has that to take in consideration its competitors and coreligionists politicians, and also to please the people. The official speeches and the informal speeches of a professional politician always demand attention of its enunciador, cares or carelessnesses in relation to any type of speech can decide enter the maintenance of the power and the privation of all the privileges guaranteed for it. Soon we worry in them about the identity that the parliamentary citizen adopts during its life in the scene politician, that is, ' ' position of sujeito' ' (Hall, 2000:17), that is, the recognition, auto-evaluation and the autodecifrao of the citizen.

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