Einstein Beauty

Beauty and excellency if find and the talentos serve for the conquest of this excellency and the fake of the being does not stop. The talentos are not genetic, in contrast, they are the possibility of the Beauty. For old, the talentos gifts of deuses at the moment of the birth were considered and in exchange for the innate talentos, waited deuses that they helped them to the men. Thus, the guide for the accomplishment of the talentos is the Beauty. Some, although the difficulties, are capable to carry through its talentos.

When we look at for personalities as of Einstein, Freud, Kant or same Spinoza, do not see another thing that not Beautiful it, that is, the accomplishment human being in its more raised form. Michkin, the personage of Dostoievski, although constructed, is another example of beauty in the platonic direction. In common, all are examples of beings that had immense passion for what they made and they did not fear its talentos, for tormentosos than if they showed. What then in them it differentiates of personages and personalities as above shown? We have talentos, however, we are not educated to carry through them. In Plato, the talentos had been given to the man so that this could become each More beautiful time. However, the true talentos alone if express when the citizen arrives the conclusion of that it is here only for improving the world where lives and never the opposite. The beauty, however, is not in looking at only for itself, but to also see (to love) the other. The first step is to recognize it itself as exactly Beautiful, stops at one another moment, to have the capacity (possibility) to see in the other one somebody so Beautiful how much itself exactly.

The most raised technology human being it is the Beauty. It does not advance to give knowledge to the man without teaching it the search to it of the Beauty. The knowledge is instrument and not Beautiful it in itself. The education in aid swims the individuals to discover its talentos. We confuse the man with its profession and in this trick we forget to construct the man (the true one). The society archaic Greek glimpsed the ideal of the man as that one moved by a passion, that is, for Eros (the creative passion). This creative passion if called daemon and was exactly what the masters needed to discover in the pupils and to help to develop. In this direction, Daemon is a magical guide who makes with that the subject choice what she gets passionate to it, but that she demands, at the same time, that it walks in search of its accomplishment. It is that energy stirs up in each being makes that it to take great decisions in the life, despite difficult (it is irrational for the modern, but it is enough to be educated to listen to the voice of daemon e, consequentemente, if to guide for the Beauty). Stranger who daemon of the old ones turned Jewish demon in the Christian tradition, therefore our traditions do not like people whom they think on account proper, and to value daemon mean to think constantly about itself, consulting itself exactly e, in this way, valuing and understanding the other.

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