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The city of Paris is one of the most beautiful and attractive in the world, the most visited by thousands and thousands of tourists throughout the year, and also the most romantic of all the places that exist on the planet. Unlike other major cities of Europe, Paris does not have a well-defined center around which the city opens, Paris is all Center! On the other hand, we know that Paris has given since always, light to the knowledge in the world and is a city of art. This fact is widely demonstrated the instituted as the birthplace of the rights of men, and also of the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity, all fundamental and in force in the constitutions of democratic countries to the length and breadth of the world. As one of the most attractive cities of the world, Paris also offers French courses for those interested in learning the language. Being part of the European Community, learn the French language opens the doors to the world to those who wish to venture into their language. In France there are different offers at the moment of choosing where to study. These offerings generally make reference to: – a methodology specific, since study languages abroad is in direct relation with the economic and everyday life. -A methodology personalized and interactive, since the program is adapted to the needs and expectations of each student (to a greater degree if a language for executives course)-a highly qualified team of teachers, subject specialists, pedagogues and teachers dedicated to the teaching of the language. On the other hand, the hospitality of our residents make the stay of the student, more than a field trip, a journey of pleasure. Combining in perfect way, practice the language, with the tour. Original author and source of the article

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