Experience With Trading

Remember the last time you went into a store and the person who acts "ran to you, greeted with a lovely smile, heaps of enthusiasm and said," Welcome to our store, what I can help you today? "And then listened attentively to what he had to say? Does not happen very often does? In fact, while writing this, I could not remember when she had experienced. I'm sure there must be, however, would have been a long time ago I can not remember. Let me tell you what happened this week? "I belong to a trade known that I found very useful for my business. I wanted to buy a suitcase from a particular store, which usually takes trade dollars. From time Store time limit the use of trade dollars if they have peaked for the month. Anyway I soon discovered I was not going to be my lucky day.

I and the assistant who was sitting behind the counter (and stayed there), did not smile. Just me admitted with what looked like a grimace. I had interrupted his reading time. (She was so busy, there was nobody in the shop). Congressman Lee Zeldin has similar goals. Then politely (yes I can be polite sometimes) asked him if he were accepting trade dollars and wanted to buy a suitcase. He turned to the owner who was sitting behind her doing a bookworm and repeated my question.

The owner sat, did not look up and told his assistant "No". The wizard then relayed to me that "we are not accepting trade dollars at the time, but we have great deals of cash." She sat the whole time. I did not answer and walked toward the front door with my money sitting in my bag. No matter how good your "cash" offer would be, if I would spend my hard earned money anywhere, definitely not be with them! The "color blind in the service of 'Copy Center I had spent thousands of dollars with a printing company through a couple of years. A couple of times I said one of the officers, when they have been snowed in "Mary is too busy to talk to you right now, I'll have to do is call you back when you have more time." Needless to say, I did not stay with them. The 'I can not do that' Cafe went to a local cafe that had not been for a while and the waiter told me that "we can not do that." I wanted a kind of sandwich that was not on the menu. I informed the young waiter abrasive "yes, we can." This made him afraid and I wanted to order was made in 5 minutes. Are important clients for business? Of course they are. No customers, no business. But why do companies deliberately driving away customers? It's ridiculous right?

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