Fear of Losing

Among the most important reasons of tribulation people have powerful fear is to lose. This is a recurrent factor as a cause of paralysis to face both the opportunities and the adversities that life presents. Not few people who have a limited and mediocre existence only by the fear that represents them to do anything that involves risk losing something. These beings come to a mistaken sense of security and take refuge in inaction and a so conservative sense of life that even threatens the natural dynamics of things. And of course nothing positive emerging from confronting the nature of things: because life is essentially dynamic change, transformation, fight. Understand that things may be due to our fears otherwise is absurd. Fear, in fact, when it constitutes permanent guest of our character originates a never-ending spiral of anxiety, lack of peace and failure. A good part of the cases the fear of losing is a weak spirit product.

The dimension spiritual man manifests itself mainly through faith and this is precisely what is absent among those who profess an acute fear of losing. Faith transmits security in the future. In other cases, the fear of losing is a weak soul product. In the soul takes refuge platform of emotions and rationality of man, there emerges the desire, value, confidence, security, sufficiency and even own pride; all of them constitute elements injured on those people who are paralyzed by the fear effect. And finally there is another factor that also explains the phenomenon, one that probably has more dramatic edges: the fear manifests itself among those who do not want to win. We can assume that people who are afraid to lose really are people who want to win as any other; i.e., is not not want to win, just that I’m afraid of losing; However this deduction is not appropriate because in life he only WINS one who has lost and only lose one who wants to win.

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