Federal Constitution

What it was before the privilege of few, to arrive at the oldness, today starts to be the norm same in the countries poor. This bigger conquest of century XX if transforms, however, in a great challenge for the too much century. The aging of the population is a natural aspiration of any society, but it is not enough by itself. To live more is important since that if it obtains to add quality to the years you add of life. We have to find the half ones stops: to incorporate the aged ones in our society, to change rooted concepts already and to use new technologies, with innovation and wisdom, in order to reach of form democratic joust and the fairness in the distribution of the services and easinesses for the population group that more grows in our country. The social politics directed toward the Third Age From the decade of 90, were multiplied, on a large scale, the number of federal, state and municipal laws that contemplate the Third Age in Brazil. This impulse in the legislation is folloied by the constatao, through demographic research, of an increasing and irreversible process of increase of the number of aged in Brazil. ' ' According to projection from the data of the Demographic Census of 1980, the aged, composed population for people of 60 years or more, reaches the mark of the 12,674 million in 1999 and represents 7.7% of the Brazilian population (…) While the population with less than 20 years grew 12% of 1980 the 1999, the aged population grew, in this exactly period 70%, passing of approximately 7,2 million aged for 12,6 milhes.' ' (Arajo & Alves, 2000, p.08) the proliferation of laws for the segment oldest of the population is inaugurated with the Federal Constitution of 1988. In the chapter of the Social security, section IV, relative to the social assistance, establishes article 203 that the assistance has for objective ' ' to protect the family, the maternity, infancy, adolescence and velhice' ' guarantees ' ' a minimum wage of monthly benefit to the carrying person of deficiency and the aged one that they prove not to possess ways to provide the proper maintenance or to have provided it for its famlia.' ' Chapter VII of the Federal Constitution still foresees that ' ' the family, the society and the State have the duty to support the aged people, assuring its participation in the community, defending its dignity and welfare and guaranteeing the right to them to vida' ' (art.230).

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