Female Politicians

On the other hand, the men very support badly the women whom they love grant the lesser sample of interest for other men; thus, however … Therefore, we see without effort that if the men and the women assumed the authority jointly politics, the peace if he would resent very at this permanent possibility Of conflicts. (Treated Politician, chapter XI) For Arthur Schopenhauer: ' ' The woman has intellectual myopia, its horizon is very small. The aspect of the woman only discloses that it is not destined to the great intellectual works, nor to the great material works. It has that to obey the man, to be a patient friend tranquilizes who it. What it makes the particularly apt women to take care of of us educating in them in first infancy, that same they continue being infantile, fteis and is limited of intelligence. They remain for all life great children. They do not see beyond what it is ahead of the eyes, they are fixed only in the gift, take the appearances for reality and they prefer the frivolidades the things most important.

What it distinguishes the man from the animal is the reason. Prisoner to the gift, is capable to come back to the past and to dream of the future; from there its prudence, its cares, its frequent apprehensions. A weak reason of the woman does not participate of these advantages nor of these incovenientes. The deep one of its heart, the women believe that the men had come to the world to gain money, and the women to spend it. … the nature did not give to the woman more than the dissimulation to defend themselves and to protect-se.' ' (The love, the women and the death). For Hegel the existing argument between a man and a woman is equal the one that has between an animal and a plant, being that the animal if identifies more with the skill of the man and plant if more molds as the aspect of the woman, therefore its progress is more pacato, leaving itself to take more for the sentimentalismo, will be in the command the State runs danger therefore, according to it, they in accordance with do not act the requirements of the grouping of people who are governing and yes as its state of spirit.

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