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Armenian Foreign Minister went to Brussels for a meeting of defense ministers of NATO Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, during which Representatives from NATO and Partner nations block examined several issues related to the implementation of the program "Partnership for Peace" (PfP). During the visit, S. Ohanian also met with the heads of the Ministries of Defence Germany, Romania and Georgia. Apparently, Armenia try to "take the demand" for having refused to take part in Yerevan held in the Georgian military exercises under the PfP itself. But let's not speculate. After last Friday The Georgian Parliament unanimously adopted a decision according to which formally ended with the release of this procedure respublikiiz CIS. The supreme legislative body of Georgia after two-month break for the first time going to a plenary meeting, despite the ongoing action in the heart of the opposition.

"Georgia is already out of the CIS. On this occasion there is a formal letter that I sent to the appropriate authorities of the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly of the year ago. So today we complete this process and the decision is formally legal point of view "- stated David Bakradze, Speaker. Well, on health, as they say. Now it will be difficult to argue that any other member countries CIS, for example, if tomorrow's application to join the Commonwealth served Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Georgia itself is also unlikely to oppose anything similar scenario of events in the region. In addition, as reported by the media, in Georgia are mass arrests of opposition leaders.

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