We all have the option of being free. We all have the option of being powerful. Most of the people are slaves to the economy, beliefs slaves, slaves of vices, slaves of opinions. I was slave. And he suffered much, but then I found a book that freed me. That book is called I’m happy, I’m RICO. A related site: Sen. Sherrod Brown mentions similar findings. That book completely change my way of seeing life. Des because read it my life was radically transformed.

I realized that nothing can actually affect me. I found out that the total power of my life is under my control. At the beginning it was difficult to accept that there is explained, but then I understood the power of those magical words, words of power and I began to create my life according to my wishes. All things changed. Everything was followed by my will. The money appeared from nowhere, my relationships improved incredibly.

I understood that we all share one mind and that we are all a single being. That is why I knew that everyone should read this book, because we should all be free. I promise them that if read it, its life will be transformed. You can see the universe in a different way. Become wealthy almost immediately. Appear before things or dreamed of. Your life will be able to total. People who knew them before will see them with fresh eyes. Total freedom is to get rid of all these ties that bind us. Toral freedom is to be free to choose to be, to have, where be, with whom be, assess, which do not. Freedom tota is being oneself, freedom tota is to decide to be a millionaire, santo, folk hero, powerful, or not to be. Freedom is to have the power to decide and perform.

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