The subject that I go to display now is of odd importance in the life of the existenciais citizens. It says respect to the fact of that our condition is of freedom to choose what we will make in our lives. When we lose the freedom condition, we find in them in a situation where we react with contrary feelings to who in them removed the freedom. We react with hatred, anger against who in them removed the freedom. But so that let us reconquer our freedom, we must enter in contact with the feelings contrary that we live deeply. It reconquers it of our freedom makes with that let us have a feeling of identity and dignity that we are characteristic.

In periods of conflicts, where the freedom is denied in them, we react against that in them it curtails our freedom. If we cannot be free, we express our indignation with opposing feelings to that they had been removed in them. We need our sense of dignity and our identity, but for this, we must enter in contact with what we feel, either hatred, anger, envy or any other feelings that we deny to reveal. The society contemporary denies the fact of that the citizens react of negative and express form contrary feelings. The proper bourgeois society does not take in consideration what the express citizen contrarily what it is established. Instead of widening our field of perception and searching to know what we feel in anger terms, hatred, resentment, envies, anger, anger among others feelings that we deny to reveal, therefore in accordance with the social system, it is not acceptable to express what it is of individual and interior will of each human being. But with the negation of the feelings closest, we will not obtain to reach our condition of freedom to choose.

In the truth, already we are born free, but we do not have conscience concerning this freedom. But when the freedom is removed in them, we enter in contact with our closer feelings. Our reaction is express on the form of actions of agent against principal the ones that had been curtailed in them. If we do not know what we feel, as we will know what to choose for our life? This question could only be answered by the person who to obtain to enter in contact I obtain same and with its potentialities to choose what to understand well. The analogy that Rollo May makes enters the arrest represented for the bird cage and the freedom condition that was denies explains very as well as reacts contrarily to who in them removed our freedom.

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