Freedom! Freedom!

It wants the true Freedom? The example is of JESUS, who suspirou in the cross, and its last shout was for all its executioners: ' ' You pardon Father, them do not know what fazem&#039 to them; '. Freedom! Freedom! Your wonders, celebrate skies Sir, and, in the assembly Dos Santos, your allegiance. Book of the Salmos, CAP. 89:5. Freedom! Freedom! When I think that this word Sets in motion multitudes; I am soon matutando In the yearning of the Nations! They cry out for release they search and it with galhardia, But if they forget that it, Conquest day after day. It is fight, it is daily work, In favor of the Humanity; If all want this jewel, do not search it in the easiness. Therefore, it only obtains it, Who does not fear challenge, and uses to advantage each barrier, to cross with enormous brio. Here it is the certain way, to obtain this prodigy; It is to always live in agreement, With the New Order: ' ' You love you ones to outros' '. Only this Order of JESUS, the Planetary CHRIST, Can in way extraordinary, To bring the longed for Freedom.

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