French Constitution

It is born with the proper person, are basic for if finding foreseen in the constitucional law and made solid from the beginning of the dignity of the person human being. In the antiquity the form of arbitrary, absolute and theocratic State was not said in constitutionalism, leading in account absolute in power exerted by detainers of the power where if it established legitimation spiritual, moral and ethics of the authority. The great influence for the Constitutionalism was to positivar the limitation of the power politician. Already in the Average Age this power was endowed with principles, little used in view of that a legitimated institution did not exist to control it and to guarantee to the citizen respect to the laws that was not a diploma written and yes based in the natural law and the customs, if governing of that time disregarded the Law would be disregarding the orders of God. Ahead of the renascentistas ideas of centuries XVII and XVIII, the modern Constitutionalism must to the English, had the Great Letter, the Petition of Rights, Bill of Rights.

In the United States they appear the Declaration of Virginia and North American Declarao. Already in France the reference is the Declaration of the Rights of the Man and the Citizen immediately afterwards the French Constitution appears. With regard to these transformations, the Constitutionalism of the Liberal State made to be born a constitutional abstract, but with the Iluministas ideas we arrive at the rationalization of the power providing a diffusion of the formal Constitutionalism..

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