Friendship Group

These bows costumam to have a typical course. First, it is the group of an only sex, it happens frequently with attitudes, despite superficial, of hostility for the opposing sex. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Richard Blumenthal. Later, they start if to relate and to cast with groups of different sexos, to form a mixing group, that constitutes one now magote indissolvable and homogeneous, where do not exist relations or privileged situations of ones with others, saved perhaps of the leader or the leaders of the group. The final phase of the adolescent groups, of the beginning of the disaggregation, is when they are born in its seio and if they consolidate loving relations of couple, that finally will be disconnect of the group, contributing for its gradual dissolution. The youngsters develop the interpersonal privacy more fast and later of what the young women place little emphasis in the affective components of the friendship and greater has detached in the action aspects. The privacy with somebody of another sex grows with more precocidade in the girls of what in the boys.

The measure that if intensifies the relations with friends of another sex, scrumbles a little the relation with the ones of the proper sex, such as if manifest in being or making things with the friends, or to have privacy and confidence in them. The adolescent, in any way, during all the stage continues having an enormous demand of affection and affection on the part of the parents, in a not inferior degree to the one of infancy. Intratvel can reveal and esquivo, ahead of some manifestations of this affection, when the adults, in its affection, adopt superprotection airs, but still then the necessary adolescent of it, only rejecting its patermal or maternalista modality. Neither it is truth that the parents leave to influence in the adolescent, in its decisions or sort of life. Not even the influence of friends and colleagues, that in the adolescence if takes accented, is always more intense of what of the parents.

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