Game Companies

The effectiveness of the games of companies; 6. What games of companies teach. Basic characteristics of the games of companies: 1. The games of companies present a simulated environment quesubstitui the elements of the real system not explicitamenterepresentados by people in the games. 2.

All the decision 0 variable are express in the model, emboraalgumas of clear and defined form, while others are only disclosed demodo sufficiently vacant and superficial. 3. They look for to develop the interactions between the participants and the meiosimulado one and of them enters itself, as firms disputing a market. 4. The games of companies, for more complex than are, will be always simpler than the real world. 5. Definition of clear papers, is these structuralized or not; 6.

Clear rules and understood well by the participants; 7. Creation of conditions for attractive and involving game. The company game is, by itself, a process extremely dynamic. Suaflexibilidade allows that the professor can not only adapt it economic and social stendncias, but also to the changes that alegislao obeys. In almost all the games of companies, diferenasentre the groups and participants already are enough for torn-losdiferentes of a course for another one, since the aspects human decomportamento of the members of the groups will be always different, no matter how hard if it tries to standardize them. The phases of a game of companies: 1. Preparation: creation of an adjusted climate, with an exercise, has debated, or same some simulation. Clarification of the objective of the game, as elepode to help the course, the desirable attitude, the attention for certoscomportamentos etc. 2. Instructions: definition of papers, definition of the scene and rules of the game. 3. Assay: in complex games, use of assays becomes, for ' ' aquecimento' ' of the group. 4. The game in itself: the professor and eventual coordinators must acompanharo transcorrer of the game, to observe details of the paraposterior dynamics quarrel and to supply eventual aosparticipantes clarifications and to monitor the course of the game.

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