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Insurers and pension funds in the Terminal. On the one hand, you must deposit your capital safely, but achieve decent yields to meet their obligations. Placing therefore increasingly on real estate investments, how to fund find them for example in SHB. The capital markets have to offer private investors hardly enjoyable for quite some time. On the stock exchange, it goes up, which almost predictable as soon melt the freaking gains some percentage points. Allowing bonds with higher interest rates more fingers you never know. Greece, Spain and Italy can greet.

And the German Government pays only paltry yields as well as other countries with good credit ratings. Unless bonds or savings bonds. As frustration is spreading for a long time, but it doesn’t have to be”, explains Hans Gruber, real estate expert of SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG): just the real estate sector offers all currently highly attractive yields. You just need to know how man on it comes up.” That the expert in his area also the SHB real estate funds are entitled, the German insurance companies demonstrate for quite some time. Since 2007, the real estate share on the total investment has grown continuously. Eventually the companies suffering the ultra-low more than private investors.

While the latter have only their own account balance in the eye, for example, you must use life insurers every year at least warranty rates available to customers. The average of the industry are well over three percent. Dealing with them so the great and all. And not only for them. In other sectors, such as automobile or homeowners insurance, most companies in the technical business, so in terms of financed by the premiums, write red for years. Away with it there came out in the past only through capital gains. And this worked well until recently, Hans Gruber knows about the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG): now, however, which is so far well old stock interest in the portfolio always thinner. The papers expire gradually, and the insurer must find adequate solutions.” It’s not surprising him so that the insurance industry increasingly uses real estate asset. “On the contrary, as Hans Gruber, who is responsible for SHB funds: real estate is a secure facility, and the insurer must create the money of their customers certainly also under the auspices of Solvency II.” Speculation ban himself there by itself. “This way but at the same time the way for private investors, so Gruber: If insurers and pension funds in real estate investments both on security and return, that is a clear signal.” It is important that it should be Fund as at SHB first-class investments. For more information,

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