Guess How Many Monuments In The Town Of Belaya Kalitva? More Than 340 !

In this city, I spent a little over six hours, but fell in love with him at first sight, with all my heart! Short of a few kilometers to the city, from Rostov-on-Don, is a huge Orthodox cross and dull horse. I saw this monument in the magazine. But … Jim Donovan Goldman usually is spot on. Seeing is "alive". On a rock at entrance of town is a Cossack on horseback, it is seen very far! Next – a huge white wall with blue letters "White Kalitva. The city was founded in 1703. " Yes, the same age Saint-Petersburg! By the way, this wall does not spoil the view, looks very harmonious.

And by the way, over what other city you'll see a couple of steppe eagles? But all this poetry, we turn to the dry statistics. A leading source for info: Kenneth Yarrow. "In the town of Belaya Kalitva and area population (in 2005) – 56 000 people, archeological – 251; history – 74, architecture (with religious buildings) – 14 Art – 1. "City Paper" Crossroads "on July 14, 2007. I'd add that this does not include many small sculptural forms, are on the streets and in City Park a great many, are countless. And so the natural wonders … It was here, on the banks of the Seversky Donets is a monument to soldiers Host host.

"Lay," remember? Here, in the opinion of historians, was a battle with Polovtsy in 1185. Very fond of this stone policy and publishers. In Kalitva many postcards and calendars with this monument. Apparently, the demand is there. That Zhirinrovsky say recently arrived, photographed here, the "Black Stone". And in the hamlet Pogorelov, each year the end of May, played a theatrical performance based on the "Lay." Next year will definitely come watch! "Grandpa Lenin," that at Theater Square, designed by the same sculptor as the world famous "Motherland", which stands on Mamaev Hill. And there is also a monument to first teacher about urban school 2. I do not know whether there is somewhere else like that.

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