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Historical context of the Manifest Workmanship of the Communist Party For Galdina Maria Toledo the workmanship who from now we will start to display is about the Manifesto of the Communist Party written by Karl Marx (1818-1883) and Friedrich Engels (1820-895). The present Workmanship was written between ends of 1847 and beginning of 1848. Its first publication if gave in 21 of February of 1848. This workmanship was written as program of Liga of the Communists. This movement originated from a species of natural evolution of Liga of the Right ones, and this, in turn, was closely on to the trajectory of the proper modern industry and to the first attempts of organization of the European laboring classroom, especially of the German. The text, presented for Marx and Engels, was assumed in the complete one for Liga of the Communists, during as the congress of the entity, carried through in the 1847 end, in the city of London.

The Manifest Workmanship of the Communist Party, can more than be considered a pamphlet politician, written a century, was during good part of century XX a specter to go up to around the humanity, therefore this small book led, with the form of thought in contained it, to the separation politics of that if they find favorable to the marxist ideas and those fight that it. Throughout the formations of working parties it can be observed that these had used the text of the Manifesto of the Communist Party as a species of catecismo for the formation of its militant ones. However, the nickname of Communist Party passed only to be assumed from the Russian Revolution, with victory of the Bolcheviques, majoritria section of the Laboring Party social Democrat of the Russia that, with Lnin led the 1917 revolution, that after the falling of trees of the Czar Nicholas II and of the provisory Government, it restored the socialist regimen in Russia, and later formed the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics in 1922.

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