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Cute slippers with pom-poms in the form of wonderful colors complement the ensemble. Help but smile, looking at the fluffy on the legs of your girl, can not neither you nor she, and then your mood will always be on top! And yet, there is another surprise in this land of tornadoes, flying houses and sunflowers. She awaits you when you get along endless fields to enter the city. It turns out that Kansas City – it is an original capital of the U.S. aviation industry! Here you can find all kinds of flying helmets, goggles and gloves – is where carousing male fantasy! If some of your friends have a great interest in the flight case, then choose the right gift is not difficult. If the enthusiastic pilots is not among them, then note for related products: T-shirts and shirts with airplanes and symbolism of plants that produce them, model aircraft, from vintage to ultra-modern. Special demand among tourists are funny opener for bottles made from aircraft turbines. Obtained they are durable and functional, and elegant curves and details of the engraved name of a thing is made, make the usual opener into a stylish accessory.

There are in Kansas and their museums, and reconstruction. Any guide will advise you to visit the Kansas Center for Space Studies, History Museum and the reconstructed street in Dodge City. The street, as if frozen in the xix century, returning tourists in days of cowboys and outlaws. Walking down the street, entering shops, where all the vendors are dressed in the fashion of those times, you can choose a gift for his boss. Perhaps it will whip or spurs, and maybe even inlaid with silver gun, which takes pride of place on a table or wall cabinet chief. Buy a gun safely and not be afraid for the lives of your colleagues: decorative gun does not shoot, but only helps the boss set at themselves look big:) And here comes the end of the journey to Kansas. Memories become a new meeting with the heroes of his childhood and return to the cowboy movie.

But upon returning home, when you tell family about the trip and give gifts, memories come alive and sparkle with new paint. Once again, then will become closer and Alley, aircraft factories, and endless fields, sunflowers and planes – in other words, Kansas. Childhood can not be returned, but here to meet with them again – you can. Goodbye, Kansas! And it's time you start the way the road paved with yellow brick road – the way home

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