I Found My Freedom

FREEDOM I looked my face and I did not find, my being entered in collision, my body it felt cold and he was warm for the solitude, I cried in this empty space, I heard questions without shining answers, that had not shone my golden one, to feel prisoner to me and algemado, in this intern senzala, had surrounded me to rugidores, to devorar my mind and to change back my body. Adormeci and I waited a great ventania, took that me to some place, that rain brought it my face to wash, and until an hurricane, that wake up could me to exempt, me of this depression, and with the freedom to fly. I know that I was creative of this chain, but also know that free I can me, breaking this maliflica DP, and to the world to cry out, that I am son of God and that the life gave and its love to me to face, therefore who loves is free to sing and to dream, to have its proper domain and its life to guide. Today I see everything in my life to capsize, my face to reflect, my body to heat, and through this consequence I reconstructed my being, not to feel emptiness and nor pain, therefore the questions and answers I found in the love. with this love, I found the truth, I banished this such DP, already I do not have anxiety, dream today waked up. therefore I left that world for brings. I broke chains of the vanities, and with much humility I cried, and through these tears, my freedom I found.

| July 5th, 2012 | Posted in General |

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