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All women know that you will get a day in which they are going to go gray, they should know that the reeds are not harmful, reeds are the result of a process of changes in hair that make you go becoming white, is simply a change in the colouring of hair that occurs gradually as they grow more older. All women know that the reeds are not harmful, but while the vast majority of women are not harmful prefer to hide them. Connecticut Senator takes a slightly different approach. Although they are not harmful, most people prefer to cover them and is easy to do. It must be borne in mind that with reeds hair becomes more thick and much more difficult coloring. But there are many dyes that they are special to paint the reeds, but really give result, it is necessary that it is applied properly. When women go to curbrir the reeds, they believe that they have not had the results expected, but because it did not follow the instructions of the product used. Results are not seen in the majority of cases, but this is because that at the time of purchasing a product for reeds, compraro product which was not.Problems with the reeds are:- as the reeds are more clear that the rest of the hair, after a few days, gray will be viewed as if were highlighted, so you’ll have a color more clear that the rest of the hair, that effect is formed with gray hair is quite attractive, but isn’t for everyone. If you wish to have a single color you have to reapply the dye with more frequency.

-Products that better cover the reeds are permanent dyes, if you have more than 50% of the hair with grey hairs is preferable to use permanent dye. There is something that must be very intoaccount, more dark is the color of your hair gray noticed much more. This is a very good idea to paint your hair a color more clearly.

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