International Classification

Diverse countries, between them Brazil, if find in a challenge to the same solve the deriving conflicts of this union between people of sex. The legislators who had passed much time closing the eyes for this ' ' new fato' ' , now debtors see themselves to skirt a situation easily reverted by other countries. The homosexual if shows with a new definition, losing the conferred repressive character to the minorities, and through studies deepened the areas of psychology and psychiatry she transfers herself to better understand the definition to it of the homossexualidade. In 1995, the last revision of the International Classification of Illnesses – CID, the homossexualismo, that was considered for many as an illness, left to consist in the list of the disgnostic, took off the suffix ismo and placed dade that it defines as way of being. 06 the unions between people of the same sex if bases on reciprocal relations of affection as main element of union between them, similar to the ones of the composed family for a man and a woman. This type of union is trend adopted in all the countries that, as Brazil, meet waiting regulation for the convivncias between people of sex the same, following the steps of the liberal countries, as Denmark, France, Holland, Norway, among others.

07 In Brazil, the Federal Constitution of 1988, protects the family and the familiar entity, recognizing them as union between people of different sexos, still treating as base to the society. It is it are of cogitao to have a comparison between happened families of the marriage and of steady unions with the partnerships homosexuals. One only amends constitutional it could deal with the comparison enters such justinian codes protected for the constitution with the homosexual partnership. The fact is that how much to the family law if cannot say of comparison some with relations homosexuals, but in relation the effect

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