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If we want our list is an asset, must achieve this to produce income or is called him in finance, cash flow (Cash Flow in English). But getting our list to produce revenue in the short, medium or long term, that become an asset? First we must note that, in general, the first thing that comes to have almost any project or venture in Internet that we develop, is a list of subscribers. Therefore, to make that list of subscribers in a productive and generating list of revenue, that become an asset, this first must become a list of clients. Yes, customers are those who buy. Then we need to ensure that our subscribers become customers so that we buy; a purchase of a client is an our sale and a sale is synonymous with income. This is another concept accountant, discussed in our articles, not to confuse income with earnings. The good thing.

The good thing about all this is that e-commerce will have discovered marketing techniques that have proved effective to achieve that our subscribers become customers who purchase our products or services. It is worth saying that many of these techniques are not yet used in offline commerce and, perhaps, some would be ineffective when used in the same way that are used on the Internet. In this article we will enumerate some of the most frequently used techniques, even by experts of electronic commerce which, although with some variations from one employer to another, all lead to the same thing: win customers. 1. Valuable gifts. Do not forget that one of the first lessons we receive from our mentors is the need to identify a niche that passionate about us, that we have extensive knowledge and that we are capable of handling. With the above in mind, we will make him valuable gifts to our list (our subscribers).

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