Iron Chancellor

And got the same cherished goal – with an iron fist united under Prussian rule fragmented Germany, which map to Bismarck's contemporaries were compared with a patchwork quilt. After he first provoked the war with France, and then its you-play, had no any obstacles for the implementation of his plans. A conceived Prussian politician as much as the return on the political map of Europe, the German Empire, destroyed by Napoleon. In 1871, at the suggestion of the Reichstag, the imperial crown took the Prussian king Wilhelm I, and he also transferred all the actual power of the chief creator of 'German miracle' – Bismarck, appointed to the Chancellor. Nearly two decades of 'Iron Chancellor' ruled the country, which he himself created, like every great reformer, causing admiration for the minority and a deep murmur of the majority.

Since 1888, when the throne a new emperor Wilhelm ii, Bismarck star politician sunset. The new monarch has made it clear that the two kings in a kingdom not get along, and true German 'ordnungu' Chancellor submitted his resignation. Contrary to popular belief, the policy was not only the passion of the Chancellor. All his life he remained a compulsive gambler – in politics, cards, love. Could lose head, carried away by another beautiful woman, as happened, for example, in Biarritz, where 'iron' heart broke a Russian aristocrat graphite ae Orlov. And very upset when you do not bloomed his favorite lilies – because he was superstitious: if they did not bloom, do not be a treaty between Austria and Russia! And as it relates to food! Bismarck dined usually twice a day, and each of the meals included at least five changes, all washed down with a fair amount of wine. Rabelaisian feast in the house of the Chancellor hit even worldly-wise fellow.

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