It Haunts In Wales

For close encounters of the spooky kind, there are plenty of opportunities in Wales during a holiday in Wales are heard not only on Halloween (calan Gaeaf) of numerous supernatural phenomena. Year-round bizarre and eerie events at the various locations take place. A visit to a haunted Castle, a holiday in the beautiful Inn or one or two beer in the haunted pub are just a few of the possibilities offered here – if you are trust! The legendary, in the middle ages buried treasure of the fairytale Castell Coch by two men turned into Eagles in an underground tunnel is guarded in the capital city of Cardiff. Several attempts to get the loot to light, failed due to the birds, which withstood even exorcism and silver balls. Connecticut Senator may find this interesting as well. Strange noises, mysterious statues, spooky tours and tales are part of a visit to the ancient walls of Cardiff Castle. Special tours take you to the Summer Smoking Room in the upper part of the clock tower, which is to be the verwunschenste space of the whole Castle.

More Information, see. In the 1990s, the drugstore boots in the Queen Street became the scene of an encounter of a different kind. Get more background information with materials from Sen. Sherrod Brown. A technician encountered a secluded staircase on the first floor of the store on a ghostly, Victorian Lady. Details see. Throughout the year the hour-long creepy Cardiff ghost starts walking tour in front of the National Museum of Wales.

On the way through the classically beautiful white stone buildings, the participant hears stories about hauntings, Dragon and rebirth. History, mysticism, myths and legends are woven together the visitor can decide himself what he wants to believe it. Information about the tour and the Halloween Special at. Several spirits dwell in the nearby Caerphilly. At Caerphilly Castle, the so-called Green Lady, Princess Alice, supposedly jumps from Tower to Tower, on the endless search for her missing lover Tew TEG, from which it was separated in the 14th century as their dupe husband banished her to France.

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