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Advaita understand as the path of knowledge in this path of knowledge important thing is not to forgive if don’t understand, if there is real understanding, the idea of forgiveness does not arise, the idea of forgiveness is a dualistic idea, I – tu, it is located in the past and as past is something that no longer exists. If we focus on the now does not have the need to forgive. Be centered in the now is be attentive care, humility and patience are very important to obtain knowledge, direct knowledge, a liberating knowledge that allows us to see our nature and our true nature is being-consciousness-bliss. Attention is consciousness, and consciousness is spirit and spirit is happiness. Speaking candidly Amazon told us the story. In the development of the spiritual intelligence found that this rests on 3 sectors, first to care or contemplation, the second attention or ability to live the values, and the third in the ability to see or capacity of wisdom. When we develop the spiritual intelligence, shines in us authentic Joy live a life with compassion, full of love towards everything and everyone that surround us, we live full of universal fraternity and unconditional kindness love, and we can say with all sincerity the noble and beautiful deep verse that unveils all the love delivered through words, that all beings be happy, all beings to live in peace.

Spiritual intelligence is based on principles, spiritual principles about the nature of the Kosmos that inhabit and about who we are, these principles are the DNA of the spiritual intelligence and allow us to understand its nature and functioning, Ramon Gallegos explained them masterfully in the trilogy of spiritual intelligence. The perennial philosophical principles are that work with the intelligence to realise them we require to be fully awake, spiritual i.e. we require to keep the eye open contemplation is the only one that exceeds the reason and the mind.

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