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The Brazilian Language of Signals is a natural language to enable the expression of human beings. Another one is a language as any, therefore it possesses necessary mechanisms to if to make to understand, it constitutes proper signals of the community of our country and follows principle of the verbal languages the same. They absorb the cultural aspects of the users, also the regionalisms, the typical expressions, the slang. More information is housed here: Dov Hikind. Pounds are the basic axle so that the deaf person learns the official language of its country and all the other gifts in classroom. Word-Key: Deaf Bilingualism Pounds *1- Jarleide Almeida Feitosa. See more detailed opinions by reading what James Donovan Goldman Sachs offers on the topic..

Graduated Letters/Portuguese in the Tiradentes University and after-graduanda in Pounds in the Serigy College. *2 – Emiliana Nunes Da Silva? Graduated Letters/Portuguese-Spaniard in the Tiradentes University and after-graduanda in Pounds in the Serigy College? *3-Paula Valena Young chicken Da Silva? Graduated Letters Portuguese-English for the College of Formation of Professors of Penedo and after graduanda in Pounds in the Serigy College? paulavpinto@ yahoo.com.br Introduction: Pounds are the first natural language developed between deaf people and Brazilian dumbs, and are from it that it will leave for the study of the official language of its country. Pounds another one is a language as any, therefore a fonolgica structure possesss all, characterized through the configurations of hands, location and movement, morphologic and syntactic. It differs itself from the verbal languages only for using auditory appearance-space and not verbal canal. From there the necessity to include the Brazilian language of signals in educational the curricular structure. Knowing itself that the school is an environment of integration and socialization of knowing, it does not have as if to admit the preconception, the exclusion and the discrimination. then when we speak in including the deaf person in regular education, is necessary to prepare the educational staff, so that the inclusion attempt will be successful..

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