Maduerira History

For: Larcio Becker, of Curitiba-PR Loureno Madureira, farmer and ox-driver of century XIX, son of Antonio Madureira, of Campo Grande, leased lands of Captain Incio of Canto, proprietor of the Farm of the Cantinho. In them, it made one roa of cassava and maize, beyond ample improvements. It gave great development to the region, for what it conquered the respect and the admiration of the local population. When Captain Incio died, the widower denounced Loureno Madureira to the Juiz De Fora, to banish it from the farm. Therefore, she was the protagonist of the first action at law for land ownership in Rio De Janeiro, what he gave popular affection still more to it. So great popularity, either for the prosperity that provided, either for the process the one that answered, finished conferring its name to the quarter. That, in turn, Madureira AC baptized and, later Madureira EC.

The history of the Madureira starts in 16.02.1933, when the fusing of Noble FC occurs, established in 08.08.1914 (considered officially as it dates of foundation of Madureira EC, for to have been the Noble the main trunk of the fusing), with the Great FC, established in 15.08.1912. The fruit of the fusing gained the name of Madureira AC, in the colors purple (of the Noble), blue (of the Great one) and white (of both). Its first president was Francisco Fernandes Dantas. The first departure of Madureira AC was in 02.04.1933, a game with the Device of Inside AC, in the field of the Street Goiaz (of the Modest one), to placar final 1×1 first goal: It generates. The first official departure was in 16.07.1933, for the championship of the Carioca sub-heddle, in the field of the Street Lopes Sundays (of the Noble), 1×1 with Carioca FC. In 12.10.1971, Madureira EC appears, in the colors blue, red and yellow, fruit of the fusing of Madureira AC with the Madureira Tennis Club, established in 01.02.1944 (that it was in the Street Edgard Romero, neighbor to a police station), and the Imperial Basquete Club, established in 23.08.1935 (that it was in the Road of the Portela and if dedicated to basquete and the soccer of hall).

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