Membership Obligations

Similarly, the member who fails to fulfill its duties and obligations, it may be applied disciplinary action covered by the statutes and disciplinary rules. CHAPTER IV: Of the principles of the organization ARTICLE 12: The work of the SCMVCD and its subsidiaries are integrated and developed on the basis of socialist democracy and democratic centralism, thus establishing that: 12.1. Members of governing bodies are elected from the base to the higher authorities through free and secret vote. 12.2. The resolutions and decisions of higher bodies are binding on the lower. 12.3. The lower bodies accountable to their superiors and are accountable for their management.

12.4. Those chosen for the management bodies are accountable for their activities on them and to those who elect them. 12.5. The mandate of those elected to governing bodies are revocable by the voters at any time, if you do not comply with or for behavior incompatible with the Statutes, do not justify the trust placed in them, and where that for personal reasons for his release. 12.6.

At all levels governing freedom of expression, discussion and analysis, and the subordination of the minority of most agreements, exercising and self-criticism. 12.7. The agreements and decisions of governing bodies are taken by simple majority. Quorum is integrated in the different activities, with the presence of fifty percent of the members or delegates at least, as appropriate. 12.8. The vacancies on governing bodies by revocation, replacement, death or any other reason, shall be filled by peers in the last vote had the most number of votes, but they were not sufficient to hold the office.

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